WW Icons

I was thinking about making some additional sets of Icons for the skins… only issue is what each WW icon stands for… you don’t by chance have a text description to go with each image do you??? or does anyone??

thanks that was exactly what i was looking for… now to compile my collection and whenever i get time to complete it i’ll make sure to allow everyone access… the set i am compiling is from Meteo Consult (http://www.meteoconsult.fr/connaitre_me … ?langue=an)

:shock: Will these be the animated icons shown on:

http://www.jdawiseman.com/papers/trivia … icons.html

for Meteo Consult ewelin?? 8-[ Note the set doesn’t have corresponding icons for Weather.com’s 19, 22, 23, 24 or 48.


yes it is the animated set… i’ve gone on there site and was able to collect the night images as well as some additional snow images… but like you said they don’t have ones for the “word” images that weather.com uses… so i’m not sure what i’m gonna do there… it leaves me empty for the 5 images… [}:)]

Until you can come with something better use the standard Weather.com icons for the ones missing. You can’t leave null assignments.

Weather.com uses gifs 0.gif - 48.gif plus a special one named -.gif.

I have a webpage I set up to play with these a while back. I could send you a copy if your interested.

[i]Originally posted by EdP[/i]Until you can come with something better use the standard Weather.com icons for the ones missing. You can't leave null assignments.
I agree... and that's what i was planning.... i wouldn't mind seeing that website either.. you can email it to me at [email=ewelin@muttdom.com]ewelin@muttdom.com[/email]

hallo, I have 2 questions

  1. I want to download and use the animated Icon set from meteo Consult, how to do it?

  2. Is it possible to replace 1 icon with other from other Icon set? For ex I d like to have “words” in the icons Windy, Hot…etc, so if I choose set without “words” but which I like, is it possible to take other icons and to add then or replace them to this icon set I like? And if yes, how?


Click on the www.jdawiseman.com link shown in post #3 above, scroll to the Metro Consult icons then, if you’re using IE, RIGHT click on each icon and then click on Save Picture As and save it with the weather.com icon number it corresponds to, 0.gif-48.gif.

Of course.

Rename the icon you want to replace to a new name, ie 34.gif to 34_old.gif then copy the replacement icon into the icon folder with the original name. ie pcloudy.gif to 34.gif

Or copy the icon folder to a new name, ie My Icons, and make whatever changes to the files within it.

You might find this thread of interest also:

http://www.singerscreations.com/forum/v … .php?t=617

Have fun.

ok, but how can I know which are the icons of weather.com? What is if the new icon package has more than 49 icons, how to know which icon responds to which icon of weather.com.

PS: one example. I can replace the icon 35 which is for ex Sunny with icon 45 which is for ex Cloudy. … What will be the result then?

Good questions. This link may help with the latter one. http://www.samurize.com/modules/ipboard … entry35239

Weather.com icon sets contain icons named 0 thru 48 plus NA and -. ie -.gif, NA.gif, 0.gif, 1.gif etc.) If you have icons with names other than that or more than that they simply won’t be used. It’s not uncommon to have icon sets with readme.txt and thumbs.db files in them for example.

There are a couple of postings in this section of some utilities I created that display WW icon sets and compare them with the standard weather.com sets. They are useful for creating WW icon sets. If I recall Meteo Consult has 4 sets of icons, two different sizes and one for day and one for night so you will have a lot to work with.

Update: See this thread: http://www.singerscreations.com/forum/v … .php?t=617

Forecasts with words and pictures out of sync. Not a biggy but possibly confusing. And if you miss a required icon name you will have a browser’s broken image display in it’s place.

I think we’ve covered all the bases.

Oh, if you create a unique icon set you have to post a link to it so we can all share in using it. :thumbright: :iconbiggrin:

oh, now I didnt understand anything, but it is maby because it is not my day…

OK, Ill ask another qiustion: In the current WW icon set… for ex. I dont like how the icon for “windy” is (it is just exaple), So can I replace this icon with other icon from other icon set, so every other icon will be the same as in the current WW set, but only this icon for windy will be changed to how I like it?


Just keep the same name. ie replace “23.gif” with a new “23.gif”.

then I can make my personal icon set?

can I replace also with animated icons?

where I can see the icons which WW uses?



In the c:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins\Icons folder.

Download this file as a .wws file [size=2](if you download it as a .zip file simply rename it to a .wws file.)[/size] and once downloaded dbl click on it. Then open WW’s Options Skins tab and scroll thru the Forecast Icons options.


Download this file as a .wws file (if you download it as a .zip file simply rename it to a .wss file.) and once downloaded dbl click on it. Then open WW’s Options Skins tab and scroll thru the Forecast Icons options.

1.what for ist this file???

2.in Icon folder there are for one condition 3 or 4 icons, for ex. there are 3 icons N/A , why it should be like that?

  1. I think I need the names(weathwer conditions) of the icons which WW uses. For ex. which weather condition is icon 3.gif? With that info I can put/replace curtain icons in the icon set I use… otherwise I dont know what kind of rain is it to replace it with what icon.

  2. I dont know which is the icon for “rain int the night” ? Now its raining here and for the night it shows it will rain again but with the same icon… I found different night icons, but now I dont know with icon to replace.

I m using Bay Area, but there I d like to change some icon…

please help

Hope Im right with my questions?

look at the screenshot… http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/5884/wwbm0.th.jpg

the icon for tonight is the same as the icon for the current weather now, but actually in the icon set Bay Area there is an icon for night rain 45 or 47.
Is it a bug?

No, it’s normal.

weather.com sends out a number for the icon and WW simply displays it. I’ve considered tweaking my skins to ensure the proper icon is displayed for day and night but found that it requires a lot to be considered; the client’s current time of day, the weather location’s time of day, what the corresponding icon number should be and even if daylight savings is in effect. I suspect weather.com found the same thing.

how can I replace an icon when I dont know what exactly is displays?!

Download it and find out. I think you will be very happy with it. :icon_smile:

That’s what weather.com uses.

Yup, you do. The list is in one of the links I posted earlier.

I have helped but you haven’t viewed the webpages I gave you or installed the file I created. There’s only so much one can do, you have to do some too.

Good luck.

you have post here so much…I dont know now what do I need, I dont waht to spend 2 days infront of my PC

do you mean that link http://www.singerscreations.com/Files/WeatherIcons2.zip