Weather Watcher Mobile 1.0.0 Released

nice - but still doesn’t work from behind a proxy

A few people have contacted me and said it worked behind their proxy. Perhaps it’s an issue with the way your network is setup?

Still working fine for me, both at work and at home. Still, I don’t use “proxy” settings at work, just straight Network Address Translation and basic WiFi in both locations.

I do continue to have the issue of not being able to switch skins in the options. Whenever I try, both fields are blank and the pull downs are blank. I’ve tried removing and reinstalling WW Mobile, and removing and reinstalling .NET.

The only other thing I can think of to try would be to hard reset my device and reload all the apps. Since I don’t see a need to switch skins apart from the workaround to copy in the icons I like, I’m not inclined to take that step. If you don’t have any ideas, I’ll just call it good.

Thanks again, this app is both simpler and better looking than what I was using in the past (ADB Weather Plus). Good job Mike!


well, no, I don’t think it’s an issue of the way my network at work is set up - since yours is the only program I have that doesn’t work in the way it should! So, sorry, but it’s a problem at your end not mine - as I’ve tried to point out in the other topic here.

Quite frankly I’m amazed you’ve gone alpha. Don’t know what else to say really except that I won’t be able to recommend it to the 120,000+ people who read my column each month

Is anyone else having this problem?

:-s I don’t know how other vendors release their sw but Microsoft usually releases theirs in stages called Alphas, then Betas, then Release Candidates and finally the actual release.

Not withstanding, there are some people who won’t touch any sw until the first point release. :wink:

I am quite amazed that you’re the only one who has contacted me about this problem. Are you thinking I should be assuming that it’s a widespread proxy server problem after hearing that one user has been affected?

… and even though, EVERY version of Windows that I’ve ever used was full of errors.

And this is a goal you are aspiring to? I don’t think so, so what’s you’re point?

Complicated “things”; pcs, pc software, space shuttles, human bodies, have problems. The goal is to correct them, fix them, design better ones.

Haha… no. My point is that even the most vigorous testing will not ensure a bug-free release for all users.

When adding a city the soft keyboard can’t be remove. I first have to return to the today screen and return before I can switch away.

My device displays a little keyboard icon at the bottom, center of my display. When adding a city, I can tap that icon to show/hide the soft keyboard.

How do you normally show/hide the soft keyboard on your device?

Like you with the little icon which isn’t there as you can see when adding a city.

I’m confused. Do you see an icon there at all when using Weather Watcher? Does it pop up and then disappear?

Yeah but as soon as I have need to keyboard, the icon disappears which is not the case with other apps. In options Also in the weather screen. Clicking the keyboard makes the icon disappear. I can get it back by clicking another tab.

I also noticed that the update time is incorrect. It stays 7:25 am while I just updated, 7:42PM

I can answer the last question. :icon_smile: The Updated time is the time the data was updated at and rarely equals the time one downloads the data. updates their weather data anywhere from once every 20 minutes to once per hour depending on location.

Better is to display the time of the last update when updated on the PPC, so after “update” is finished.


What’s more important, the currency of the data or the currency of the download. For me I want to know when the data was updated whether I downloaded it 5 minutes ago or 30 minutes ago. If the time is beyond an hour I redownload it. If the time is 5 - 15 minutes ago, I don’t.

I guess to satisfy everyone it would have to be an option as to which time to display.

BTW displays the Updated time as the time the weather data was updated not the time it was pulled up on the screen, ie downloaded. :wink:

Two apps I am using or used displayed the last time of update done by the user. I am talking about PW and ADBWeather. I myself don’t care when updates and whatever time. Thereby I am +6 EST I leave it up to Mark’s fantasy what he’s planning to put in more about this item;)