Weather Update Bug?

Strange issue with Weather Watcher 5.6.25!

When I update Weather Watcher sometimes it gets old weather info instead of current.

Example just now I hit update weather now over and over and almost every time it changed the current weather to old weather info from this morning.

It went from 4:25PM to 9:00AM after clicking update!

Why does it do this?

Same here…it’s showing me weather at 9AM.

The weather data is stored on multiple servers (not sure how many uses). It’s quite possible to see old data in Weather Watcher if all of the servers are not synched up.

Is there any way you could some how add an option to not let Weather Watcher update the weather with older info then it already has?

Some how weather Watcher would check if the weather info is older then what is already showing and if so then it would not download it only newer info.

This would fix the issue :slight_smile:

If you click the link at the bottom of the WW forecast window does it show the same data or is it current?

If the data is the same as what WW is showing then notifying them that they have a problem is a better solution. It fixes the problem for everybody. :icon_smile:

superman75, I’ll add a check in the next Weather Watcher release to ensure data is not downloaded from an old server.

What if the newer data is for the wrong weather location? Or the wrong forecast? How will you know what’s intent is for reverting the forecast?

I don’t see any reason why the observed date should ever need to be reverted.

And yet apparently does do it. There has to be a reason, the question is whether it’s intentional or a problem.

Are you referring to the above posts? The above issue is related to multiple servers not being synched up at the exact same time.

I just saw it happen when the weather was updated in my area about 10 minutes ago. One server was reporting the last observed at 2/26/08 12:45 AM, and the other was reporting 2/26/08 12:25 AM.

Yes I am referring to the above posts.

How did you see two different server’s data? Why does WW switch between servers verses using only one?

The data is not stored on a single server. It’s called load balancing – the load is spread out amongst multiple servers (could be more than two).

A lot of large websites use load balancing. You might go to each time, but the data that’s returned could be coming from a different server on each visit.

And with Load Balancing a large number of servers need to be updated simultaneously which is impossible so there are situations where they are out of sync for a small period of time.

The only way to encounter that period would be for someone to be updating their weather data at a faster rate than can update their servers for a particular locale. One solution could be to limit the update frequency of WW to nothing quicker than every 5 minutes. I can’t imagine’s servers being out of sync that long and since’s data is updated at most every 20 mins. it shouldn’t be a problem.

I think I’ve already corrected the issue though :icon_smile:

Does your fix involve saving the weather data in the Registry? Will the amount of weather data written to it double (current data / previous data)or will the data in the Registry be periodically out of sync with the WW forecast windows?

Big Thanks Mike :icon_smile:

Any idea when we will get the new version with the fix?

I’ll post a fix in the Weather Watcher Unofficial & Old Releases forum today or tomorrow.

No – data from outdated servers will be disregarded.

This fix is not working again this morning :sad:

When I click update its getting older info again.