Weather Update Bug?

I wonder if the fix is only checking the time and not the day, or month, or year.

It checks against a time stamp. I did find an issue though…

I think I get the same (very annoying) problem as well - the very reason to come and register on this forum.

In my case the ww behaviour is a bit bizarre to say the least - every evening (around 20-21:00 local time) I lose track of the forecast and when updates are done the grey icon and the ‘N/A’ icons seem to show until the next morning.

I am using the 6.25 version on XP and have configured updates to be done every 30 minutes. No problems during the day, though after 20-21:00 (local time - GMT) it all goes pear shaped.

The funny thing is, when I open the main ww window I can see the ‘Current’ tab with N/A values (as well as the tray icons), the ‘Tonight’ and ‘Tomorrow’ tabs are with the correct forecast shown. The correct forecast is shown on the ‘Hourly’ tabs as well…

When I look at the tray tooltip I see that the observed time is way off - done sometime in the afternoon the same day and when I click on the tray tooltip to force an update the observed time jumps randomly between 6-10 hours before the actual time (say I update in 22:00 GMT, the observed time jumps, but stays within the 11:00-17:00 GMT region).

After reading this thread I decided to install the 6.25j version, but this didn’t help me at all - the observed time doesn’t jump anymore but stays within the range of between 4-5 hours off (hence why I suspect it shows ‘N/A’).

Any ideas/help?

I have been using ww for more than a year now - very pleased with it and recently upgraded from 6.18 to the latest version 6.25.

Your situations sounds very similar to this thread: … sc&start=0