Weather Underground station support

First, great app… You sir rock.

Any chance you could support the weather underground stations ([/url])? At least in my area that would significantly increase the number of available stations. For example I’d love to monitor [url=] … =KNCDURHA9 with your app as it is accurate to my micro-climate conditions. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help with the possibility (as well).

I can’t say it would increase your users, but it might help some of us out :). As is you are already scoring a perfect 10/10 for a great app and support for all my required OSes plus Win7 :cheers:
Thanks for consideration.

I am working to add WeatherBug’s personal weather stations to Weather Watcher Live. I’ll do some testing with Weather Underground’s data and see if I can add that at the same time.

That would be cool to have that too if you can do it.

Hi Mike,

have you had a chance to look if you can use the info off Weather Underground yet? I notice they supply the data in xml format which could be helpful?

The station I’m particularly interested in is: … IGAUTENG31

Many thanks again for an excellent application!!!

bobbo, I did take some time to review their data feed, but I didn’t do any work to integrate it into Weather Watcher Live. It’s something that is on the horizon though.

Would really like to see this too. This is a really good program.

Decided to write a small app, very simple form based, has a update button that manualy updates the information from the wunderground api and displays temp, wind spd, wind dir and pressure as well as the time of the last update. works quite nicely.


Do you mind if I post a link to my app on your forum (nothing commercial, providing it free for those who would like to try it)?

Happy to share the code (C#) with you if you would like to integrate it somehow in your app?

Kind Regards

bobbo, go for it :cool: Weather Watcher Live is a VB6 app, so it would be hard to integrate your C# code.

Oh cool, I studied VB6 in varsity, perhaps I should rewrite my app in VB, :slight_smile:

I like VB.NET :slight_smile: It’ll no doubt be my language of choice for the next major release of Weather Watcher.

Lol, thats true, not sure what made me go for C# rather than seeing as my background is VB, interesting.

Mike - I also hope you can implement Weather Underground into WWL. They seem to have WAY more stations than the other organizations do.

Should have something available from Wunderground soon as a lightweight mechanism to retrieve PWS info on windows mobile 6.1 devices. The app will be specific to PWS as there are already some awesome Weather apps (mmm weather Watcher springs to mind, :slight_smile: ).

Manymosi, I spoke to Weather Underground last week, and am happy to announce that I’ll be building a separate version of Weather Watcher Live that displays data from Weather Underground. Their weather data is not free, so I’ll be passing that cost on as a yearly Weather Watcher Live subscription fee. I don’t think I’ll start this project until next month… more to come at that time though.

Awesome! You can count me in!

As long as the price is reasonable. :wink:

Me too…but would like a trial version first, just to check the accuracy of the provided info here in the UK, weatherbug is not too accurate here, whether ‘Weather underground’ is any better in Europe is yet to be established, so a beta testing period would be appreciated, I’m sure you have that in mind anyway.

It will come with a free 30-day trial. After that point, a $9.95 yearly subscription fee will be required.

You can’t be fairer than that.

Yep, I’m in!