Weather Underground data feed down?

It appears that the Weather Underground and Weather Bug data feeds are down for my area (25177) in West Virginia. No data for any Weather Underground or Weather Bug station in this and surrounding areas is available. NWS stations such as Charleston Yeager Airport are working fine

I’m having the same problem in my area in Wisconsin. I usually use Phillips, WI, as it has the weather stations closest to where I travel. All the Weather Underground and Weather Bug stations when selected give “N/A”. My Weather Watcher program switched over to “Earth Networks”.

Same problem in Qc, Canada, date stuck to wednesday, no refresh working…

I’m seeing that in the Minneapolis area as well. Only National Weather Service stations are reachable.

I’m having the same problems her in Germany

This Weather Watcher build should resolve that issue:

It’s okay to install this build right over top of your current version of Weather Watcher.

Thanks, better now with version 7.2.161. But ther is no forecast.

Fix confirmed for 25177 area.

Try downloading the installer again from the link above and reinstall it once more.

Hourly forecasts are a bit behind though…

Maybe you’re looking at old data? Here’s what I see right now:

I uninstalled WWL, deleted \Users…Roaming\WeatherWatcherLive. and reinstalled WWL 7.2.161. The issue persists, I’m sure it is something on my side, now finding what.

Fix confirmed in zip 55443

I upgraded to WWL 7.2.161 and I’m still having issues. The Earth Network picture shows what Weather Watcher should look like. The Weather Underground picture shows what is still wrong. 7.2.161 is still better than 7.2.158. 7.2.161 has only the ‘Current Conditions’ as “N/A” while 7.2.158 was “N/A” for all information.

I am in Raleigh, NC, and this morning saw that my WWL was on Wed.4 days ago even though I’ve been checking it since then and it was working! I tried another station but it is the same.

A little joy in Quebec CA (H9S—) .

What I think I am seeing is that it takes a looooong while for the app to really update weather conditions.
[]Last night the weather status gibberish,
]Woke up, weather was reporting correctly,
[*]Changed city and back to gibberish.

Still cannot get radar maps. I think it used to be TWC selection.

Weather Watcher Live does not show any forecast information anymore because last Wednesday (March 6) Weather Underground decommissioned and took down their weather data feed API. They did this at the direction of their (for 2 years now) corporate owner IBM.The WU website is now using the same data as the Weather Channel, who IBM has also been a corporate owner of for 2 years. IBM stated recently that the only free API keys will be given out to people who upload weather data to IBM from a PWS (Personal Weather Station). Also WWL version 7.2.161 did not fix any of the new lack of data on my WWL install, what so ever.
You can read about the WU taking down there current/old data feed here[settings][page]=4#topic-reply-list WU made this known at least 4 months ago that they would be taking down their current/old API feed. If you think you are getting new data, since last Wednesday, look closely, it is most likely old data.

I like many others hope you are wrong or that Mike has some plan in mind. I can say that I have 2 different computers running WeatherWatcher. Both have the current version, and all the settings are identical. One appears to be working properly the other not. Just more than a little strange.

I asked Mike about it 7 months ago, when WU announced that they were sun-setting their API, in this forum post He said then that it would not affect WWL. I hope he sees now that he was wrong and that he has a plan to source forecasts from somewhere else like maybe the NWS.