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Weather Service Winter Weather Advisory Pop-up Not Popping Up

I noticed that pop-ups from Weather Service stopped appearing. Today, we have a “Winter Weather Advisory” and I have no pop-up, or colored icon in the system tray. I have all but 1 advisory checked in the Options tab. Restarting app does not fix the issue. Using Kaspersky, but no change in settings.

Which weather station are you using?

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I am using one about 1 mile from my house. Going to Detroit Metro airport tonight. Dropped back a version, moved to the latest, and no pop-ups. Stopped about 5 days ago. Weather unsettled now, so we have a lot of winter warnings, watches, etc. now.

I noticed that I can select from Accuweather and Personal weather stations. National Weather Stations are not available for selection.

I’m not sure which station you’re referring to, so I randomly chose this one:

I see a few NWS stations at nearby airports.

Willow Run Airport shows up as a Weatherbug station. Detroit Metro Airport shows up as a Wunderground Station. I have no locations that list NWS as the data provider. I have no warning banner, and also no pop-up alerts. I think this app stopped working at the beginning of the month. Was working before that. I turned off Kaspersky Banner blocker. However, it looks like I am not getting NWS weather site selections in the app.

Can you share a screenshot of the search results in the same are as my screenshot above?

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Detroit Metro Airport, and Willow Run Airport come up correctly when you do a search for Romulus, Michigan. In your list, Detroit Metro shows up multiple times, including one where NWS is a data provider. I’ve been looking, and I never find a NWS station. If you do a search on Romulus, MI, or Pontiac, MI,
you should get a NWS station.

The issue is that the (missing) map is not centered over a location where there are nearby NWS stations. If you search for the lat/long of an airport or the airport address, you should see the NWS station in the results.

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I’ve never had a map show up in that box. However, if I use Detroit Metro’s address 9000 Middlebelt Road, Romulus, MI, 48242, I still don’t see an NWS station. I wonder what database I am searching. An outside server, I assume. How does your app know what NWS stations are available for selection.

I see these results for that search:

This is in Weather Watcher 7.2.242. Which version are you using?

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I am using 7.2.242. However, this started with 7.2.241. Going back to the next earlier version 7.2.037 did not solve the issue. NWS stations just disappeared. I have turned off Kaspersky Internet Security, log off VPN, ticked and unticked the Proxy server box (no proxy for me), and can’t get these stations back. Version 7.2.241 was working great. I got pop-ups, so I assume I was getting data from NWS. I even did a complete un-install and reinstall with the lifetime key. As for the weather station selection map, that never worked. Always blank. The other maps from your map selections display fine. As I wrote yesterday, I don’t get any NWS stations to select. That is probably why the pop-ups are gone.

Forgot. I installed Version 7.2.241 on 1/18/21. Had Weather Pop-Ups from NWS. Stopped about Feb. 1st.

What do you see when you open in a web browser?

I get:

“status”: “OK”

Please try this:

  1. Enable this setting in the Weather Watcher Options window:

  1. Search for “9000 Middlebelt Road, Romulus, MI, 48242” in the weather station search window.

  2. If you still have an NWS station in your list, select one of those stations and try refreshing the weather.

  3. Restart Weather Watcher.

These steps will generate some logs in my system. Please let me know when you’re done so I can take a look.

Turned on logging, and did search. Detroit Metro has no selection listing NWS as a data source. Picked Detroit Metro. Restarted Weather Watcher Live. Where is the log file stored?

The logs are stored in an external database.

Can you try that same test with this version of Weather Watcher?

OK, will install and run same search.

Sorry about the delay (Super Bowl). Installed experimental Vers. 7.20.243, turned on logging and searched for 9000 Middelbelt Road, Romulus, MI, 48242. Also tried Romulus, Michigan. For Detroit Metro, I got choices for the WUnderground and Weatherbug listings. Did not get a selection for NWS weather station. Also did a search for White Lake, MI. That should have another NWS station. White Lake, MI, is listed as a WUndgerground station, and it should also be an NWS station. Debug is turned on.


Please try the same test with this version of Weather Watcher. You can skip step #3 above.