Weather Channel goes https & breaks all TWC URLs in WWL

The title says it all. On May 11, 2016 the weather channel web site switched to https URLs from standard http URLs. Now all the TWC map URLs in WWL are broke. They also totay broke Weather Watcher Classic which I still like to use along with WWL.

I just released a new version of WWL to resolve the broken map issue. You can download it at

Is there fix for weather watcher old versions?


It will only be fixed if The Weather Channel restores the data feed. They asked me to stop distributing the free version of Weather Watcher years ago, so I will not be releasing an update for it.

Thanks you.

Maybe someone post on the net how
access to the program and modify the link,
because we didn’t do any harm with the old versions.


As of Friday evening May 13. my Weather Watcher Classic (ver 5.6.53 which I beleive was the last free version) is working again after being broke for 2 days, If this is a fluke I am considering decompiling it, updating the URLs and then recompiling it with Visual Studio 2010. Would you mind if I did this Mike? and if you didn’t mind would you help me out with the new URLs?

I don’t mind, but I cannot be a part of it.

The reason why alot of people still like WWC is because you always get wind guts and wind chill/heat index data from TWC. In WWL I think this is station specific whether or not the station gives it and I have never seen any of the stations in my area give wind gust data, no matter if the station was NWS, Wunderground or Weatherbug.

Where are you located?

In Northwest Indiana, if I’m not mistaken aren’t you in Indiana also

There are a ton of weather stations in Northwest Indiana, so I just picked one randomly. This one is showing the wind gust and wind chill:

No, I am not in Northwest Indiana. I live in Harrisburg, PA.

my zip code is 47978, try that. I live 80 miles south of Chicago not near any major metors, Although WWL does still offer at least 5 stations in my area, none have wind gust data.

Here’s one of the stations in 47978:

Yes, but why is the gust data not on the Taskbar panel? even though I have it checked to show it

There is no option to show the wind gust in the tooltip window.

Why not? I have only been wanting that since 2009, when you first made WWL. I along with ALOT of other people.

Honestly, I don’t recall anyone ever requesting it. It’s something that would be easy to add though. I’ll make a note to do so in the next release.

And I have had to run WWC along with WWL that entire time so that I could see wind gusts on classic’s Taskbar panel.

I saw an old forum on here asking for wind gusts on WWL tray tooltip, but you never answered the guy. We would be more than happy to let WWC die if you would just give us this.

Got a screenshot of the wind gust showing in WWC?