VISTA skin

I’ve just finished a new skin for WW, it was inspired by Windows Vista interface. I wanted to give WW a new, up-to-date look, something cool and stylish :cool:
I hope you’ll like it.
Feel free to tell me about any bugs.

Here is the screenshot:

You can download the latest version of vista.wws HERE

Just run it and set your WW options like this:

Enjoy! :toothy8:

UPDATE (03/14/2008)
The download link was updated: the new file name is vista.wws and it’ll install the skin automatically when you run it.
Forecast Columns are now fixed per EdP’s suggestion: condition text no longer pushes forecast down or stretches the columns.

UPDATE (03/15/2008)
Changed the default font to Arial for those who don’t have the default Vista font.

UPDATE (03/18/2008)
Alerts now work properly. Added a short alert announcement next to the icon.

UPDATE (03/23/2008)

  • The link to is fixed.
  • The letter in the center of barometer shows the current pressure correctly.
  • The “alert” icon is now in GIF format (no troubles with its background!).

UPDATE (03/28/2008)

  • Updated icons representing windy conditions
  • Added wind direction to the mouseovers for current forecast
  • Added mouseovers containing detailed forecast to the daily forecast page.
  • Fixed links leading to

UPDATE (04/15/2008)

  • Added mouseovers containing detailed forecast to TODAY/TONIGHT and TONIGHT/TOMORROW icons on “Current” page
  • Added wind direction to the mouseovers and Feels Like for hourly tub on “Current” page
  • Added dates to the “Daily” page
  • Updated moon phase icons

UPDATE (07/18/2008)

  • Added “Hot” icon for the conditons when the temperature hits 100+ F mark
  • Added “Freezing” icon for the conditons when the temperature hits 0- F mark
  • SAT and SUN are now shown in red on the “Current” page
  • Added “Weekend” icon to SAT and SUN on the “Daily” page

UPDATE (09/27/2008)

  • Added “Settings” button for managing “hot” and “freezing” icons
  • Changed “Weekend” icon on the “Daily” page

UPDATE (11/03/2008)

  • Added Temperature Trend icon to the “Current” forecast

Wow!! Very nice redhotpaprika. =D>

BTW I recommend people rename the download from to vista.wws. Once done dbl clicking on the file automatically installs it’s folders to the proper WW Skins locations. :thumbright:

Question: what does the R meter represent? :-k
[size=2]Never mind, figured it out.[/size] #-o

You need to address the variable width forecasts at the bottom.

Thanks, EdP, I didn’t know that.

I can set the columns the same size tonight but you’ll have to stretch WW window anyway to avoid shifting down of the forecast with a long condition phrase like PM Rain / Snow Showers.
Unfortunately I can’t think of a better fix right now, maybe I’ll figure something out later…

Maybe for the long forecasts you can use something like I do for dual temperatures:<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">if (tempArray.length > 0) {EdsTemp = '[TEMP]'; EdsTemp = EdsTemp.replace('F/','F<br>'); EdsTemp = EdsTemp.replace('C/','C<br>'); document.write("<STRONG>"+EdsTemp+"</STRONG>");};</SCRIPT>
In your case look for ’ / ’ and replace with ‘

Another option you may have to use is to test the TEMPLATE CODE’s length and change the font size if it’s greater than 13.

For the shorter forecasts you will probably need to add WIDTH parms to the TD tags. <TD ALIGN="center" VALIGN="top" WIDTH="12.5%" ....


Check out the main post for update info!

When testing add some locations to your Active Cities list that have real weather, not just sunny California stuff. :lol:

Also following the set up options in your 1st posting the forecast icons do not have transparent backgrounds.

Have you downloaded the update?
Look what I have for Cazenovia, NY.

Along with nontransparent icons you also have a wrong font…

The only thing I can think of right now is that there some kind of problem with the WW application itself… Try to put the skin files into both your “Program Files/weather Watcher/Skins” and “%User%/AppData/Roaming/Weather Watcher/Skins” folders manually. Let’s hope it’ll help… let me know.

redhotpaprika, the current Weather Watcher skin installer installs the .WWS contents into Weather Watcher program folder. I’ll need to update it so that it installs the skins in the proper directory (which will soon be the Windows profile for most users).


:-s hmmmm

The file I downloaded was a .wws file so I know it was different than the original I downloaded. The skin only exists in the C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\WeatherWatcher folder (I’m using the 5.6.25j version of the Weather Watcher skin installer), the style.css has a date of March 13th, 7.17pm and the current.wtp has a time stamp of March 11, 11:23pm.

As for the font, I don’t have the font you reference on this XP system.

The Shiny-tooltip icons have a transparent background but not the Shiny ones. I also don’t understand the use/need of the Icons\Shiny\Large folder. The standard and WW icons have 44.gif as a N/A or ? you have 44.png as something else.

FWIW In your downloads you can leave out all the .html and Thumbs.db files. Makes the download smaller for people on slower connections.

I will try redownloading and installing the file again and see if that helps.

I redownloaded and installed the file and I get the same results. :sad:

If I choose the Shiny - tooltip icons for the Forecasts they show in the table entries across the bottom of the Forecast window ok but not in the three positions in the top portion.

Check the first post for update.

I’m aware of that, these icons are not supposed to be used for forecast and moreover since the last update they have a black background.

I’ve just checked this skin on Windows XP and it works OK, I didn’t notice any of the problems you are experiencing.
I have two questions for you:

  1. Did you place the skin in both folders? I’m referring to “Try to put the skin files into both your “Program Files/weather Watcher/Skins” and “%User%/AppData/Roaming/Weather Watcher/Skins” folders manually.”
  2. Do you still have this problem with stretched columns?

About the pictures… I’m totally incompetent in this area, but I guess it’s some kind of incompatibilty issue between your WinXP or IE and PNG format.

1. I have the skin’s files/folders in the one location that the WW Installer puts them. I originally renamed the .zip version to .wws before I installed it. Since I use the WW Installer each time to install the skin there should be no reason to manually copy the files to a 2nd location.

Did the time stamps on the two files I mentioned above match what you had for them?

Putting a comment into the wtp file as to it’s version number might be useful.

2. As for the variable width still, yes.

In addition to my nb using XP it is also using IE 6. I don’t know if that helps you or not.

:-s The .gif icons had a transparent background why did you change it to be black?? :shock:

I am unable to download the new version, Rapidshare says it’s too busy.

What sw are you using to create the skin?

I was finally able to download the latest version :icon_smile: and the variable width problem appears to finally be resolved. :thumbright:

Not crazy about the tall blue banner on the bottom but the skin appears to work now. Thank you for developing it. :icon_smile:

[size=2](I may tweak a version of it for my own use. :wink: I liked the original shiny-tooltip icons and will use them for the top and bottom portions.)[/size]

Now I’m content. :D/ The tooltip icons on top and reduced banner on the bottom. :thumbright:

I wasn’t aware that this was a modified version of Fl?gger’s CSSplendid skin. :eek:

Let’s just say as the skin author I had my reasons :cool:

Glad it finally worked! :iconbiggrin:

It’s not a blue banner, it’s a part of Vista window interface, maybe not exactly the same but very close to it.

It is not a modified version, it’s a completely different design but I admit I used the Fl?gger’s CSSplendid skin code as a base to speed up the process.

I think you would have less dead code if you started with the standard Splendid skin.

What’s the purpose of the Icons\Shiny\Large folder? Is that from the CSSplendid skin?

I could have started from scratch if I wanted to :roll:

No, it’s my own designer trick :lol:
This folder contains slightly larger icons for the main forecast, I mean current-today-tonight.

Interesting. They are only 5 pixels bigger couldn’t IMG tag HEIGHT & WIDTH parms accomplish the same thing?

EdP, you, like everyone else, are free to change this skin in any way you want.
As for coding lessons, I don’t need them, thanks :cool: