Updating skin files in windows profile on each startup.

Hi Mike,

I’m using WWL 0.60.
Each time I startup my computer (windows vista sp1) I get a message of WWL that the program is updating the skin files in my windows profile. It takes a while before the WWL-icon appears in the tray.
Is it necessary to update the profile on each startup??


Weather Watcher Live will copy the skin files from the “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher Live” to your Windows profile folder if those skin files are more up-to-date than what is currently in your Windows profile folder.

I have some questions for you:

1) Do you ever modify your Weather Watcher Live skins?

2) Are you running any type of security software that might be preventing Weather Watcher Live from copying the skin files to your Windows profile folder?

3) Does the same thing happen if you exit Weather Watcher Live and start it again (without restarting your computer)?


  1. No, never.
  2. I don’t think so … I’m using McAfee Security Suite.
  3. Yes it does.

Try to temporarily disable McAfee Security Suite and restart Weather Watcher Live twice – to see if it tries to copy the skins again on the second start.

Hello Mike,

I’m sorry but it didn’t work.
I restarted WWL twice and I also tried restarting my computer.


hi mike i am also using wwl and have the same problem with start up and even if i close wwl and start it again i am using windows vista sp1 firewall

Let’s compare the skins folders and see if they are really updating. You’ll find them in the following locations:

1) C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher Live\Skins

2) C:\users[Windows username]\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcherLive\Skins

The date on the first folder should be older than the date on the second folder. Otherwise, Weather Watcher Live will attempt to copy the skins folder from the first folder to the second folder when Weather Watcher Live is started.

What are the dates on your folders?

mike i checked and the dates are the same on each folder

Are the times the same… down to the second? If so, try this:

1) Exit Weather Watcher Live.

2) Copy the “Skins” folder in “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher Live”.

3) Delete the original “Skins” folder.

4) Rename the copied folder to “Skins”.

5) Start Weather Watcher Live (you should see the skins copy).

6) Restart Weather Watcher Live.

In my case the problem is solved.
I tried your solution but that didn’t worked.
Then I delete the directory ‘skins_new’ in C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher Live and the message of updating my profile doesn’t appear anymore on startup.
Perhaps ‘muncle1’ can try this also.

Yes, that would cause this problem too. That folder is created when Weather Watcher Live is installed. Do you know of any reason why Weather Watcher Live would not have permission to delete that folder on your computer?

Take a look in the second folder location above for a file named “WeatherWatcherLive.log”. If found, please post a link to it here or e-mail it to me. It might contain information that will explain what is happening.

Hello Mike,

I don’t know if vista is preventing WWL to delete the folder ‘skins-new’.
And if yes … why?
I didn’t find the log-file in folder “C:\users[Windows username]\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcherLive\Skins”.
Even a scan of my harddisk didn’t result in finding the log-file.
Other suggestions / questions?


i deleted the Skins_New folder like foxware said and the problem seems to be solved.

Foxware 2008, the log file should be in:

C:\users[Windows username]\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcherLive

It will only be there if Weather Watcher Live logged any error messages. I was kind of thinking you would find something there since you were running into this odd issue.

Do you have UAC turned on in Windows Vista? If so, I’m wondering if turning it off would make a difference. FYI, I am using Windows Vista SP1 with UAC turned off and am not experiencing this issue.

I was looking for a file with the extension ‘log’. I couldn’t find that file. Now I found a text-file (I presume that this is the log-file) with the following information:

07-20-2008 08:30:31: Error 400: Form already displayed; can’t show modally at line 830 (modMain.Main)
08-16-2008 22:47:36: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.59)
08-16-2008 22:52:47: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)
08-17-2008 11:01:27: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)
08-17-2008 13:19:41: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)
08-17-2008 22:45:14: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)
08-18-2008 10:16:26: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)
08-18-2008 10:18:57: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)
08-18-2008 13:35:35: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)
08-18-2008 14:43:41: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)
08-18-2008 14:45:07: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)
08-18-2008 14:46:20: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)
08-18-2008 16:51:29: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)
08-18-2008 21:19:26: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)
08-19-2008 09:32:07: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)
08-19-2008 13:43:45: Error 70: Permission denied at line 0 (modMain.Main) (0.0.60)

I checked the UAC-settings. UAC is enabled.
I don’t think this caused the problem because I didn’t got the message of updating my windows profile in the versions of WWL I installed earlier (for example: WWL 057 / WWL 059).

Foxware 2008, please try installing the following Weather Watcher Live build to see if you experience the same issue with the “Skins_New” folder:


After running Weather Watcher Live following the installation, take another look at that log file to see if you see any errors logged for version 0.0.61.

BTW, I saw that the log file was being saved as “WeatherWatcher.log” in the previous Weather Watcher Live builds. If any errors are logged in this new build, you should see a file named “WeatherWatcherLive.log”. If Windows is not setup to show all file extensions, then the file will look like it’s named “WeatherWatcherLive”.

Installing WWL 061 didn’t work. The same message appeared. I had to remove the skins_new folder to solve the problem.

I tried several things.

  1. I uninstalled WWL 060.
  2. I installed WWL 052 —> no problem
  3. I updated to WWL 057 —> no problem
  4. I installed WWL 060 —> message updating windows profile
  5. I installed WWL 061 —> message updating windows profile
  6. I disabled UAC and installed WWL 061 again (after restarting my computer) —> no problem
  7. I enabled UAC and installed WWL 061 again (after restarting my computer) —> message updating windows profile
  8. I deleted the skins_new folder —> no problem

In my case there is no WWL.log file. There is only a WWL.txt file.

Foxware 2008, the strange thing is that the code that deletes “Skins_New” folder is 100% the same in all listed version above. The only thing that would be different (I guess) is the way they are installed in Windows. I wonder if Windows somehow remembers the older versions were previously installed and is giving them different permissions.

I turned UAC off about 10 minutes after I installed Windows Vista, so I am not sure how to give permissions to applications. It seems like you just need to give Weather Watcher Live full access to its install folder.

Hello Mike,

I wonder if the code is the same.
I tried several things.
I undeleted WWL61
I removed the WWL-folders manually.
I cleaned the register.
Then I tried to install WWL61 again.
WWL wasn’t able to start up.
I got several script-errors (see images).
Same steps for WWL60 and WWL59 --> same problem !!
Same steps for WWL57 --> no problem !!

I post images of the WWL-folders of WWL 61 and WWL57 to show you the differences.






Foxware 2008, you’re seeing those script errors since Weather Watcher Live was not able to copy the “Skins_New” folder. If you manually rename the “Skins_New” folder to “Skins”, then your problem might be solved. That of course is just a workaround since it’s something that has to be manually done.

Since the newer versions of Weather Watcher Live install properly when Windows Vista UAC is turned off, I’m thinking you’re problems are related to the permissions Windows has given Weather Watcher Live.

The following article discusses running applications with administrator permissions. See the instructions that follow “If you must run a program as an administrator, you may want to set up the program so that you automatically run it as an administrator. To do this”. Maybe running Weather Watcher Live as an administrator will resolve this issue.