Try to bring back the Intellicast weather maps / wallpapers

As stated in the “world map suggestion” thread, Intellicast produces some of the best maps.

I realize that they may have changed their links, and occasionally their maps don’t update or display… But they produce the most useful maps out there for people that actually need weather data, instead of pretty wallpapers.

For example the current wind map displays much more detailed pressure gradient info than the weather channel and it updates more often.

As stated by another user, the Intellicast world map is actually useful, even if it isn’t the most attractive out of the global maps.

The jetstream map is probably the most important map for people in the plains and midwest states, since huge changes in the weather depend on the current jetstream pattern. (Unfortunately, the jetstream map is the most troublesome of the bunch, often not displaying.)

Is there some way to contact Intellicast and work with them about their changing URLs? Or do they intentionally interfere with third party applications?

I just stumbled around Intellicast’s site, and it appears they’ve discontinued their competing desktop weather application. They are now pushing a service called iNav that allows you to bookmark links to their maps.

Perhaps this is a good sign that the links will remain stable in the future?

(Changing links are the saddest part of the Internet, IMO.)

Re: Try to bring back the Intellicast weather maps / wallpap

I doubt it. I don’t see how people linking directly to their maps is in any way beneficial for them.

From what I saw, the iNav feature can only be used from their website. If that’s true, then all bets are off on the links needing to remain stable.

Oh well, guess I’ll just have to find a way to make Active Desktop display them.

:-s Obviously we’re not talking about this link:

so which one are we referring to?

Ha. That’s cute.

You know, the whole wannabe developer with a gigantic ego, and the pathetic cheerleader minions is kind of boring, somewhat predictable, and kind of over done.

Hmm… and where are you going with this one? :scratch:

Perhaps that comment indicates that many of the users may actually care more about WW than the programmer and his pals.

I realize you may not be able to do anything about maps changing and links breaking. I also realize that you probably cannot store copyrighted maps and serve them to end users of your application, even if you did have a high bandwidth distributed content delivery system.

But, is it too much to ask for users to be able to specify their own wallpaper maps?

Perhaps you are scaling back wallpaper functionality because Windows Vista lacks Active Desktop. Well, please keep in mind that many will never switch to Vista. Once Win2k & WinXP are too much hassle to keep patched up and running, then it will be bye, bye Microsoft forever.

Interesting, the 3 weather images above are all current although none are animated. They show no connection to iNav.

There are 4 common ways to animate an image; use a .gif, use Javascript, use Java, use Flash. At this point WW supports .gif and Flash animation directly. It also supports Javascript animation via .htm files.

Atmospherical there is nothing stopping you from adding your own maps to WW. And there is nothing stopping Mike from coding WW anyway he sees fit including stopping development altogether. There is also nothing stopping you from using a different weather app if WW doesn’t meet your needs.

I’m sure you’re right, and that doesn’t bother me at all. I really don’t care for your attitude though. Keep it up and see how far it gets you :wink:

Nope. That feature has been included in Weather Watcher for a very long time now.

As we discussed in another thread, Intellicast changed their links, so I removed the broken links. I also said I was going to add new maps in an upcoming Weather Watcher release. You don’t install Weather Watcher updates often, so I guess you are going to miss out. That’s not my problem though.

While many of the Intellicast animated maps are Java based, and thus unable to be added to WW without their encompassing html code this one isn’t.

Nor this one.

I suspect with a little searching we could find more.



I see no instance in any of my questions where I mentioned the need for animated wallpaper, so perhaps you’ve misunderstood.

The whole animated desktop map thing is another item you guys seem fixated upon, where if users had any voice, they probably tell you they hate 'em (on average.)


Thanks for pointing out Map Manager. I was unaware that it even existed. I am willing to bet that most users would expect to find it under the Options tab. Most use the options tab in some way, but fewer use the maps tab.

Go ahead and suspend my discussion account, if you cannot take the slightest criticisms without liberal butt kissing. I will not be extra polite as if I were talking to some monarch.

I can get weather data from dozens of sources.

You dare to speak for most users?

Where exactly is the data from the polls / surveys that you have conducted showing this? Or is this simply empirical data, such as off the top of your head?

Frankly your attitude, assumptions, suppositions, and fabrications are beginning to to irk me - please do not speak for me nor any of the other users until you have asked us what we think, how we use the program, and what features we are and are not aware of that exist in the program.

Apparently I did.

From my experience, as one who doesn’t use any weather wallpaper, fixed or animated, it seems to me that most people who use weather wallpaper want it animated.

I am not asking that you be extra polite – there is no need for the uncalled rudeness though. I don’t recall doing anything but give you free software and free support. I’m not sure how that equals out to me being a “wanna be programmer” or having a big ego. Thanks for the constructive i[/i] criticism though…

Don’t forget the complimentary back door at various times in the past.

Back door? If you have something to say, then go ahead and let it out. I have no idea where you are going with your vague statements and odd attitude.

Outsider Opinion

I signed up just to tell you guys this.

I think it’s pretty simple to figure out why Atmospherical attitude started up. If you’ll examine the thread, you’ll notice he didn’t get upset until EdP made this remark:

Obviously we’re not talking about this link:

Now, I understand that that was a sarcastic joke, but Atmospherical obviously didn’t take it that way. He took it as an insult, and I can see where he’s coming from. It infers stupidity on Atmospherical’s part, for not being able to find this himself. It was after this that he got mad, and since almost every post after that called him on that in an antagonistic, you just kept making him madder.

This is where I think your (both Mike and EdP) dropped the ball. I think that moderators have the responsibility not to provoke regular users. As soon as you realized he was mad, you should have either tried to diffuse the situation or remained silent. I understand that you thought he started it, but that isn’t really an excuse.

I realize that none of you probably realized what was happening, and that it was all just a misunderstanding. I am critical of the actions of all involved, so I’m not singling anybody out. (I didn’t say anything to Atmospherical, because I seriously doubt he’s still reading this. )I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just stated what I think happened, and expressing what I think are the expectations of most forum users.

I do not aim to offend. I just want to prevent conflicts like this happening in the future by speaking to the people that are most likely to listen.

ETA: Oh, and being “shown the back door” is a euphemism to being told to “go away”, i.e, Atmospherical’s response to the following quote by EdP:

There is also nothing stopping you from using a different weather app if WW doesn’t meet your needs.

As indicated by Atmospherical’s later response, he took this as a threat that he was going to be suspended. When he wasn’t, he took it as you wanted him to leave, but you didn’t quite want to say so, which is the fullest meaning of the aforementioned euphemism.

Re: Outsider Opinion

It wasn’t meant as anything than what it was, a statement of fact. That link was the only one I had and it wasn’t animated.

I am critical of the actions of all involved,

So you joined just to say that?? hmmmm

ETA: Oh, and being “shown the back door” is a euphemism to being told to “go away”, i.e, Atmospherical’s response to the following quote by EdP:

Obviously some people don’t understand English as well as others. Not an insult simply such is life. Some people interpet the exact same thing differently at different times. Medications wear off, alcohol takes effect, etc. Again, such is life. No one is forcing anyone to use WW or to post in the forums but you get more support being polite than being arrogant. Again, such is life. No one is getting paid to be here, to offer help or develop the app.