Try to bring back the Intellicast weather maps / wallpapers

Correction - some people don’t understand English as you (or me, or anyone else who makes a post) writes it.

Let’s face it, different areas of the US (let alone the world) have different dialects, different phrases, etc, and what can be accepted as normal speech i one area of the world may seem offensive or downright rude to others.

I, being Indian, but born in the US, didn’t find your response to Atmospherical as sarcastic - but then again, I am also used to your posts in general - you come across as a bit over bearing, but I personally have no problems nor issues with you at all. You know the app and you did a bangup job on all the skins you worked on, plus the help that you provided with David Bryant when he was rewriting Marmol, and the numerous times you have helped in the forum.

That being said, though, you still come across as overbearing - and I understand English perfectly - both American dialects and British dialects(seeing as my parents were born, raised, and educated in India). In counterpoint, a lot of British phrases are considered offensive or crude or rude here, Southerners are frequently looked down upon for using ‘ya’ll’ or ‘ain’t’, the West coast surfer idioms, etc…all are different ways of talking.

However, WW / WWL are not America only apps - there are more than a few users here that are not from the States, and thus will not necessarily understand American English.

In the statement that trikly quoted, a simple change from “Obviously” to “Perhaps” to even leaving off the word altogether drastically changes the inferred tone of the sentence. I am not saying you were wrong - I am saying that it would have been more tactful to phrase it otherwise.

That being said, though, once the user got upset, rather than carrying on the discussion in public, Mike should have gone private and if the user refused to behave, just deleted the account. ASAICT, Mike is the only moderator here, but coming from a person who mods at a few sites and is admin at a couple, trikly makes some valid points.

It is something that should be considered.

OTOH, I understand how it is when you fire off replies without really thinking about the consequences - I do it a lot, and several years ago I used to be a much bigger flame poster than I am now…I suppose you could say I have learned the error of my ways…

Atmospherical’s insinuations of a Buddy system going on here were completely overboard - but, when taking into account trikly’s analysis, and seeing it from A’s POV, it makes a lot more sense (Not saying it was logical or justified - just that it makes more sense, in that I can empathize that much more with Atmospherical).

And, in complete counter point, I know I too replied to the poster - but he was getting a bit annoying himself - but I made my points to him right there in my own post.

Truth be told, his inflammatory posts about Mike and EdP almost took me back to the days when I did make flame posts, but after that one I made I hung back as it really got thick.

Re: Outsider Opinion

And why not? I stepped in to say what should’ve been said. If you happen to land in a forum, (say, because you downloaded a program, wanted to report a bug, and wanted to make sure it hadn’t been already reported, not that you needed to know that)
and want to contribute, there is no other recourse but to join the forum. Do you join forums not to talk on them?

Obviously some people don’t understand English as well as others. Not an insult simply such is life. Some people interpet the exact same thing differently at different times. Medications wear off, alcohol takes effect, etc. Again, such is life. No one is forcing anyone to use WW or to post in the forums but you get more support being polite than being arrogant. Again, such is life. No one is getting paid to be here, to offer help or develop the app.

No need to defend yourself. I wasn’t claiming that that was what you meant, just explaining to Mike (who asked) what the poster probably meant. It was in no way a stab at you. However, your defense has some holes in it. When a person attempts to communicate, it is their responsibility to attempt to understand how the other person will understand what they say. It is also their responsibility to listen to the other person’s response and attempt to make sure they understood correctly. To paraphrase your words: “Obviously some people don’t communicate as well as others. Such is life.”

And I need to point out the that the inverse of what you said (that I didn’t bother quoting) is true. If you aren’t nice to the people who ask questions (whether they are nice or not), you run the risk of turning them off of your program. If they do “choose another program”, and get enough other people to do the same, your program falters and dies, and all your work amounts to nothing. So it pays to try and be nice on both sides.

Correction!! Sounds very much like what I said.

Since I consider myself to be a “people” my statement included myself.

Excuse me!! I’m not a linquist, a diplomat, or an English teacher. I am simply a tech and one who has used WW longer than some of the new members.

That is what he should have done. Once a thread goes off topic it should be closed and once a user begins insulting other members they should be banned from further postings and their IP address banned from accessing the forums. [size=2](yes I admin and mod forums also)[/size] In a forum about a free app, with people offering free help, demanding assistance and complaining about what you get, ie acting like a spoiled child, is unacceptable and requires a firm response so the actions don’t become common, which children are quick to do.

They also include both genders and have an age range from early teens to great grandparents.

Some would say that your actions were similar to the actions of a 'net “troll”.

I join forums to ask questions or to offer help. I do not join to defend or explain the postings of others, especially others that I don’t know. I am not a mind reader and can not know what they meant, were thinking, had intended.

I totally agree that it pays to “be nice on both sides”. Just basic human kindness goes a long way (and would solve so many of the problems in the world).

As for using another program, WW is free, if a large number of people choose to use something different, unlike a commercial app, it has no effect on the bottom line. No impact on sales, profits, stock price, etc. It may however help a individual who is having a great deal of frustration using it, customizing it, understanding it, communicating about it. Getting all worked up over some thing like a weather app just isn’t worth it. Finding something that fits your needs and allows you to relax is a good thing. And offering such advice helps the person with the problem with no adverse effects on the bottom line.


(Egad I can’t wait to get out of this sling. One handed typing is EXTREMELY slow. This posting took me an hr!! :shock: )

Mike, this thread has gotten off topic and should be Closed.


Thank you for trying. And johngalt also.

Unfortunately I think misunderstandings will continue to happen in the future. It is difficult to read people’s minds in postings to know when they are upset because they think they have been insulted rather than frustrated because something doesn’t work for them, and English is not the most precise language for expressing facts let alone feelings. Then add in the diverse group that posts and well things can get misunderstood.

Thank you for the explanation. I’ve never heard of that euphemism.

It would be nice to see Atmospherical come back. She might get a kick out of these last few postings.