Tray tooltip

I’ve instaled Internet explorer 7 and after that started some problem with tray tooltip. If the explorer running, tray tooltip is viewing behind taskbar, or behind other programs viewed on the desktop. But if I open WW, tray tooltip view correctly. But after that, taskbar start view behind other aplications. Can somebody tell me, what is wrong?
I think the problem is in IE7, because before instaling IE7 was everything correct.
Will be possible to reapair this problem in new versinon of WW?


Can you post some screenshots?

Yes, I’ll try it.

Here are some screenshots:

Does the problem exist if the taskbar is on the bottom of the screen? Or on the right hand edge? :???:

I dont know, I didnt try it.
If it helpes you, the problem start when IE7 runs and I look on WW. I mean IE7 is on top, and I look to taskbar, and click on tray icon of WW to look on WW window.

Do try with the system taskbar in a different position.

Also try the new WW tooltip option to customize the tooltip’s location and move it to a position away from the taskbar.

Let us know your results.

Thanks. :icon_smile:

The second screenshot shows another application behind the taskbar too. That said, Windows is most likely the cause of the problem.

To EdP:
I tryed taskbar in different positions and the problem is the same. And customized tooltips position is no solution too.
The problem begins, when I look on WW tooltip and open the WW window. After close the WW window, tooltip begin showing behind taskbar.

To Mike Singer: I dont know what about you talking. on the second screenshot are all aplications OK, only WWtooltip is incorrect, it was only different positions of aplications from first screenshot.

PS: Sorry for my English. I’m not good in languages.

Wow!! Very surprised. Does the customized tooltip position not work at all, ie it doesn’t allow for the tooltip to be opened in a different location, or simply doesn’t prevent the overlay? Note, once the customized location is set you must click on the Apply button to activate it. I just tried it with my system and it does work at positioning the tooltip on top of the Taskbar.

I have to agree. I don’t see any other apps either. But the Taskbar is a Windows function not an IE function so I can see that this could be a Windows problem.

May I ask why you use such an extremely wide Taskbar? :-s

You’re doing just fine. :icon_smile: Far better than I would be trying to communicate in your language.

I guess I was being a little vague… let’s try a screenshot :icon_smile:

Is the circled application behind or in front of the taskbar?

To EdP:
I don’t know if you understood me. With different positions of tsakbar (I’m using hiding taskbar on the left of desktop) is tooltip showed neer the taskbar, but overlayed. When I set customized position of tooltip, tooltip is showed on required position, but overlyed.
I observed the problem and I found, the problem begins only when I start WW. After start of window, I can look to tooltip as I want and no problem begins, but when I click on tray icon of WW for view WW window tooltip starts view overlayed.
I don’t know if I’m correct, but I think the WW is using some parts of IE. So I tink that is the problem, because before IE7 (with IE6) was everything correct.

May I ask why you use such an extremely wide Taskbar?

I ussully have opened many aplications and I need to switch them. That is why I need so extremely wide taskbar on the left side of desktop. For example look at link bellow (complete view of my desktop)

To Mike Singer:
The application bellow of picture is Winamp and on the left (wide and grey thing) is taskbar. Here is complete view of my desktop:
Here is picture of desktop wit correctly viewed tooltip:
And here is picture with incorrectly viewed tooltip:

skodnaa you don’t have enough bandwidth to host files this size. Zip them and upload them to a faster service like RapidShare. Or load them to ImageShack.

Ok, the desktop image finally got downloaded. I see 10 windows open and the Taskbar covering the open forum window.

I don’t think 10 windows is a lot to have open, I do it periodically myself. And my Taskbar is at the bottom of the screen. I think if your’s was there and of a double height it would take up less screen space then being on the side. imho

But more to the topic at hand, I see your Taskbar overlapping the forum’s window which made me rethink this problem and reread some of the thread. You have the Taskbar set to auto-hide and only show when you position the mouse over it. In that situation when the Taskbar opens it is suppose to be on top of the other windows. That is normal windows behavior. So it’s opening over the Toolbar window would seem to be a normal Windows situation. Having it not cover the tooltip could have been a bug that MS “fixed”.


To EdP: So if I understood, you told me, that is a problem of MS Windows and programmers of WW can do nothing with this?

skodnaa you don’t have enough bandwidth to host files this size. Zip them and upload them to a faster service like RapidShare. Or load them to ImageShack.
Webhosting server I’m using had some problems. Ussually works good, but sometimes is a little bit slower :slight_smile:
So apollogize me, It was a firs time I shared some files on web and this webhosting was only one which I remember.

:shock: :???: :-s

I don’t know what happened to the posting I put up late last night but I replicated your problem.

I installed IE 7 on my nb last night and found that if the WW window is open and a IE 7 window has focus moving the pointer over the WW icon results in the tooltip being in back of the IE 7 window and in back of the Taskbar if the tooltip’s location is set to be there, regardless of whether the Taskbar is set to auto-hide or not. With my Taskbar on the bottom the impact is minimal on the tooltip but the open IE 7 window is more the issue.

However, the problem is not consistent. I just tried to duplicate it and got mixed results. At one point the WW window overlayed the IE 7 window when the IE 7 window had focus.

There is definitely a problem. I suspect a corrupt memory problem. It could be tied to MS dropping support for VB. Don’t know but it’s definitely tied to IE 7. Good thing it’s an optional install.

Whether WW can be changed to get around this problem or whether it’s a MS bug that needs to be patched is unknown at this point. But the problem does exist.

:shock: Wow, this is really shakey. My WW window overlays the Taskbar periodically.

I normally keep my WW window low and behind the Taskbar, see this picture but sometimes it’s now got full focus and the System Tray is behind it.

And while repeatable, not predictable.

Wow!! Have fun Mike. :sad:

To EdP:
Thank you for you spend time on this problem. I tried some other weather programs, but I think the WW is better than programs I tried. So I hope the problem will be solved and I will be satisfied.

So I hope Mike Singer solve that because I think many users will be using IE7. MS will offer IE7 (during next few months) with automatical updates and many people will instal it.

This sounds like a similar problem where tooltips appear behind the Windows taskbar. See the following link for a description of the problem:

This looks like another problem that Microsoft is going to have to resolve. To work around this problem, you can manually position the Weather Watcher tooltip window. That seems like the only solution at this time.

In that the page you reference is copyrighted 2005 I don’t think it pertains to IE 7 and this problem did not occur prior to IE 7 being installed.

You need to install IE 7 and play with the situation for awhile. Version 1.3 of tinySpell was having problems with the IE 7 install also but an upgrade to 1.4 version has resolved them. That would imply that the problem is manageable.

At this point WW 5.6 and IE 7 are not compatible and we will have to choose one or the other.