Tray Tooltip Causes Open WW To Change Focus

I just installed Weather Watcher v5.6.19
(although I noticed this before in v5.6.18)

When WW is open (with a stub in the Taskbar) but another item in the Taskbar has focus
(i.e. its window is in front of WW) … triggering the Tray Tooltip via hovering over the icon
in the System Tray will bring the out-of-focus WW into focus.

While I can see how some people may like this, I would prefer the focus of WW be unaffected
by the triggering of the Tray Tooltip
. Might this change in focus be suppressed, or an option
added to prevent focus from being stolen from other applications?

The tooltip takes the focus because it is an actual window. I’ll take a look and see if I can bypass that behavior somehow.

jph6t, it’s only a problem if you have IE 7 installed. With IE 6 the WW Forecasts window’s focus is independent of the WW Tooltip’s focus.

Thanks Mike! :iconbiggrin:

Not so EdP. I am running IE6 and it is happening to me.

Note that the change in WW’s focus is only when the Tooltip is showing. When I move the cursor off the icon, and the Tooltip goes away, WW goes back to its previous position.

Really!! I don’t have the problem with my system; XP, SP2, WW 5.6.19, IE 6.

I did experience the problem with WW when I had IE 7 installed and it was one of the reasons I restored back to IE6. But I have never experienced it with IE 6 and any version of WW including 5.6.19. I wonder what makes your system so unique. Are you running any display sw like WindowBlinds?

I’m not sure what makes it unique either.

High level, my system is just as yours - XP Pro SP2, WW 5.6.19, IE 6

Holy crap jph6t, you jinxed me!!! :shock: It’s happening to me now!! It began after I started having multiple IE windows open.

This doesn’t seem to be an issue in Windows Vista. Considering the 6 blue screens I got in the last 2 days, I don’t think installing Windows Vista is the easy fix :neutral:

:-s Good thing noone suggested doing that then. :icon_smile:

Not to complicate the issue but the flashing WW Options window popping up when shutting down Windows still exists in 5.6.19.

Did you try this?
Weather Watcher 5.6.19a

My DPIs are normal.

I thought we were talking about the flashing Options window :???: A fix has been added to resolve the flashing issue in version 5.6.19a.

At the time, the only reference to 19a that I was aware of was the posting of the skin problem due to DPIs. I now have seen the Home page notice of it’s other fixes, I have tried it, and it does seem to resolve the flashing Options window problem when shutting down. Thanks. :icon_smile:

And what about the change in focus issue for which I started this thread?

hmmm well, it appears to be resolved, even with multiple IE windows open. Yea!! a success. :icon_smile:

Is it fixed for you also?

Nope :sad:

The flickering options window was fixed with v5.6.19.
But the Traytip still triggers WW to steal focus … wether no, one, or more than one IE window is open.

To be perfectly honest it’s rare that I keep the WW Forecasts window open. I click the Tray icon to view it then close it. Most immediate information I get from the Tooltip. Keeping it open uses up Taskbar space which I rather keep for tasks I’m more active with.

None the less … in the instances when I do have both open … I don’t think it ideal that the Tooltip triggers a change in focus. And thus I think it’d be good if this behavior was disabled, or an option added to give the user the capability of stopping it.

I don’t disagree. It didn’t use to do that and I don’t think it should be doing it now.

In testing in Windows Vista, I found that sometimes it steals focus, and other times it does not. I’m not able to reproduce the problem by following a set of steps :neutral: