Tray Icon single left click open WWL doesn't respond

I’m using WWL 7.1.39 and I have the Left click action in Tray Icon Click Options set to open WWL and left double click to No Action. When I left click on the tray icon, nothing happens except for the WWL tool tip pop up. Sometimes it will eventually open after several clicks.

I saw a previous post regarding this issue which described it exactly, and I followed the suggestions. There was a different version suggested, 6.1.24, which fixed the issue per the poster, but I’m reluctant to install it since the version is pretty old - the post with the download link was Jan 23 2010.

I had been a Weatherbug user and had an active subscription, but didn’t renew it because I liked the features of WWL. However, Weatherbug responded immediately when clicking the tray icon and I miss this feature. Once WWL is open, I can then click on the task bar icon to display, but getting to this point is a hassle.

Could the issue be caused by the tool tip popup? Is there a way to delay it? Thanks in advance for the help.

diesel, I was able to reproduce this issue. Installing the build below over top of your existing Weather Watcher Live installation should fix it.

Oh oh, now when I single click on y mail checking program in the systray, wwl also opens. It never did that before, just started with your latest release.

In fact, no matter what program I click on running in the systray, wwl opens. My email notification program, my av, malewarebytes, volume icon, and internet modem connection. It seems wwl has taken over the entire systray.

Did a little playing. Still have a problem. I took out the single left click in the options and now open wwl with only a double click. However when I single click any of the other programs running in the systray wwl becomes highlighted. At least it’s not opening but does become highlighted. It almost positively has to something in your last build that is causing this to happen. Can’t get away from it.

Chunker, which version of Windows are you using? Any difference if you reboot your computer?

Using Windows 7 and I reboot after every program upgrade. To be safe just did it again and the same problem exists. I’ve downloaded the version before your latest and can maybe go back to that one if need be? WWL isn’t opening because I have the 1 left click option off. But the WWL icon is still highlighting if I left click any of the other 5 icons. Don’t know what else to do? Wonder if anybody else with W7 encounters the same problem??

Mike, I did a little more playing. If I double click the WWL icon on the desktop, everything works as it should. All the other systray icons work as they should and the wwl systray icon is “not” highlighted. But, if I use the systray icon to open your program, from then on all the other icons will open wwl. It becomes highlighted after using it from the systray the first time. If I don’t use the systray icon, it works fine. Just trying to give you as much info as I can as to what the problem might be?

Chunker, Windows is responsible for managing the icons in the system tray. It controls things like highlighting the icons when you click them, sending the appropriate click messages to the programs that own the icons, etc.

I’ve installed the latest version of Weather Watcher Live on four Windows 7 computers. All are working as expected. I haven’t heard from anyone else about this issue yet.

Did you check to ensure you have the latest Windows updates installed? That would be the most obvious difference between your Windows 7 installation and mine.

Yes, I’m up to date on my w7 updates. The more that I think about it, the icon being highlighted issue may have existed before your last program update. But wwl never actually opened until your last update. I’ve played and played with the options and there is only one way I can get it to stop. I guess this problem must be native to my machine only. I’ve come down to two choices. Roll back to a previous issue or I can turn off both the one left click and two left clicks options in wwl. I have it running that way right now and everything else works as it’s supposed to. I still have your desktop icon and also the choices listed in the right click method. Plus the mouse over still shows the weather stats. Guess I’m happy with that for now and see if I can find something else that is causing the problem. Thanks for your help and let’s just “rest” this issue for now.

Mike, I’m pulling my hair out on this end. Found a bat file that purges your tray notification icons and then rebuilds them as they are used. Went through all of that and gave each program permission. Also reinstalled your last version. After a few restarts all came back up the exact way I had them before. All the other 5 icons behave as they should but yours reverts to the same old problem again. Can’t seem to get away from it. So now I’m back to operating with your two click options turned off. At least everything else seems to work properly. One thing I do notice is if I try clicking on your icon with a left click (I have it set to off) the icon highlighting appears and stays on until I open your program via a right click and menu choice. Then it disappears and all is well again. At a dilemma, don’t know what else I can try? If you come across anything, please pass it on to me. Thanks for your assistance.


Chunker, this is what I see on all of my Windows 7 computers:

You can record your own video at the following link if you’d like to show me what you see:

Thanks Mike, went ahead and watched you video, wish mine would work like that. It is up and till you click on the wwl icon. From then on it remains in a highlighted state with the light coloring spot at the bottom center of the icon. To get rid of it I have to right click and open wwl. And of course this is with the click options turned off. If the one click option is on, then of course once highlighted it opens wwl when I click any other icon. I tried making a video myself, but to no avail. I made one but it is cut off at the bottom and I couldn’t get the mouse and icons in the taskbar to show. Have to admit I can’t figure out how to do it since the recording controls are at the bottom over top the area I want to feature?

Ok, I got a video but it’s 2.40 MB. I have a copy but don’t know how to get it to you? It shows my icons all acting proper. Then I go ahead and click on wwl. It gets highlighted and then that stays on while I go to all the other icons. I also realize I just have to right click instead of opening wwl to make the highlight go away. Now if the left click one click option is on, wwl opens since the icon is highlighted and stays that way if I’m trying to open something else. Can’t figure it out. Also took a screenshot showing the wwl icon hightlighted and also my av icon highlighted that I scrolled over to. It will stay highlighted until I right click it.

Chunker, after recording, you can choose the first option at the top, right to post the video on (like I did). It requires you to create a free account on their website.

OK, here is the link to my video.

You can clearly see in the beginning before I click it, it’s off. Then after I go and click it, it comes on and stays on while I’m going to the other icons.

Did some more playing and came up with the following. Whenever I click on the wwl icon, it will stay highlighted until I do a right click to turn it off. It happens with both click options off, or both, or either, of the click options on. In all of the previous the icon stays highlighted until I turn it off with a right click. With option 1 click on and the highlight on, choosing another of my icon causes wwl to open. With option 2 clicks on, it remains highlighted, but choosing the other icons does not open wwl. It all boils down to being unable to get rid of the highlighting automatically, but have to do it manually with a right click.

Also have to add that if I haven’t clicked on the wwl icon, the highlight is off. If I hover, the weather pops up and the icon is highlighted. Move away and it goes off. Seems to only work normal when I don’t click on wwl. Once I click on it I have to manually release it.

Chunker, install the build below over top of your existing Weather Watcher Live installation and see if it resolves the highlighting issue.

Sorry to say, the same problem exists exactly as it was before the new build. With the click options off, icon remains highlighted after clicking it and if the one click option is on, wwl opens when I click other icons. Can only make it stop by manually right clicking the wwl icon.