Splendid Mobile (Now Splendid Mini)

This is the unmodified (Update: the alert handling is now modified) “Splendid” forcast from WW Mobile. I’m surprised Mike didn’t post it here himself.

It works well with the desktop WW, and is an excellent minimalilst’s Forecast skin. Be sure whatever Interface you use has a “Detail” button.



Hunz, I guess you beat me to it :wink:

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Thanks!! :icon_smile: :thumbright:

:-s Which Interfaces are lacking a Detail button? The only button I’m aware of missing on some Interfaces is the Alert button.

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Splendid… for one.

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:shock: How does one access the Splendid Detail forecasts using the Splendid Interface?

BTW What’s the significance of the 1 in Splendid Mobile’s Current forecast title?

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You mouse over the day names on the left side of the Daily view.

1 alert is available. The red box is only visible when at least 1 alert is available.

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While the mouseovers do display a lot of information they don’t invoke Splendid’s Detail.html view which the Detailed buttons do.

Well, my location has no Alerts indicated by the other WW forecasts but there is a 1 in my Splendid Mobile Current forecast’s heading. Clicking on it doesn’t do anything 'cept change the number’s background to white.


What happened to WW > Weather Watcher in postings?

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I guess there is a bug in the skin then.

Gone :neutral:

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Anyone going to upload the Mobile Interface? :icon_smile:

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Okay, I think I’ve got a workaround…

Somehow, on the Desktop version of WW, [ALERTS COUNT] always had a value of at least 1. I changed the logic all the .wtp files to test [ALERTS AVAILABLE] and to set the ‘alerts’ variable to ‘’ or ‘A’ accordingly. Admittedly this no longer will show you the number of alerts if there’s more than 1, but it does handle the alerts properly on the Desktop version of WW.

I have changed the name of the skin from Splendid Mobile to Splendid Mini and reposted it here:



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I guess you really want an interface with both. Splendid doesn’t have “Detail” and Classic (among others) doesn’t have “Alerts.” Ed’s modifications fit the bill, as well as Tronnix and others.

Oops. Forgot to modify the hourly.wtp file. Fixed now.

Very nice Hunz. Thank you for posting it. I normally use a version of Splendid on my desktop machine but on notebook screens it’s overwhelming. This is so much better on my Dell nb. :thumbright:

FYI I have been tinkering with the Mobile skin you provided and I have a version that looks like this.


If interested you can download it from here:

N.B. I’m sorry, rapidshare has deleted it!! :shock: Lack of activity.

It is included in my larger overall skin download but this is a quicker download. (215 KB vs 2.15 MB)

The changes include:

  1. Made all forecasts IE 7 compatible
  2. Replaced the forecast Alert boxes with an icon.
  3. Changed the forecast weather.com links to open into a separate IE window.
  4. Fixed the Current forecast’s Update time display when weather.com data is N/A.
  5. Increased the number of Current forecast’s Hourly forecasts to 7.
  6. Tweaked the Current forecast’s presentation. All icons have mouseovers.
  7. Added the ability to switch between Hourly and Daily icons on the Current forecast.

N.B. Note the skin has been renamed from Eds Mobile Deluxe to Eds Splendid Mini. This keeps the name that Hunz started.

Updated 10/14/06

  1. Added the ability to switch between Hour, Day and Moon forecasts on the Current forecast.
  2. Fixed the Detailed forecast’s convoluted day/date problem.

Tweaked the Day forecast’s Today/Tomorrow display switch.

Renamed the skin to be Eds Splendid Mini.


It can be downloaded from here.

N.B. Sorry. No longer available. Please use the main download.

[size=2]Updated 10/20/06[/size]


Yeah, I’d noticed what you were posting in the “Eds Skins” thread ( although somehow I missed the last post here). It’s interesting to see how much can be packed into so little real estate.

Way cool!


Hi Hunz, thanks. :icon_smile: Nice to see you’re still around.

Quick question for you, in the true WW Mobile app does it support skins similar to the desktop version? And if so is it’s default skin named Splendid like the desktop’s version?

Nice to be seen.:wink:

Similar, yes. The skins folder structure is pretty much the same. Yes, the default skin in the mobile version is also called “Splendid,” not to be confused with the desktop “Splendid.” I’m sorry to say that although your Ed’s Mobile and Ed’s Mobile Deluxe function on the Pocket PC after a fashion, the advanced features like the nice WW icon and the Day/Moon/Hour don’t work. The version of IE included with Windows Mobile is somewhat lobotomized compared to the desktop versions.

You tried my skins on a Pocket PC. :shock: Interesting. :icon_smile: In that I don’t have one determining why they don’t work is pure speculation, but I would suspect it’s the version of JScript. But that’s a WAG. Are there any error msgs if you open the forecast’s html in the Pocket PC’s IE?

I was wondering where the Splendid name came from for the mobile verion. Thanks for clearing that up. I may have to rename my skins to be more consistent. How’s Eds Mobile Splendid and Eds Mobile SE (Splendid Extended) strike you? :icon_smile:

But if the skins don’t work on the mobile devices maybe Mobile shouldn’t be a part of the name. :neutral: Maybe Eds Splendid Mini and Eds Splendid Mini XT would be better.

BTW One of the things I like about this skin is the Interface can be smaller and the smaller Interface allows for the Classic Forecasts to be used and look reasonable. They didn’t work well with the Splendid Interface.

And finally, can you post the mobile’s Splendid Interface? :icon_smile:

Nice WAG :thumbright:

Pocket IE doesn’t support much JavaScript. I’m just happy it support the little that it does. I heard Windows Mobile 6.0 is in the works. Perhaps they will add some new changes to Pocket IE with that release.