Skinning and replacing icons

Is there a skin guide available yet And is it possible to use a different se of icons like the ones here

Can I just replace the standard iconset. Put the new set on a storage card and use the “skin” tab to use the new iconset?


meanwile I place a whole directory with new icons into the skin directory. But I can’t see, thus not select them in “skins”,“forcasticons” I think this is because the new iconset is .png Can they only be .gif? If so are you gonna extend this so .png or .jpg can be used without converting, Mike?


Just add a new folder to “Weather Watcher\Skins\Icons”. Then, select the folder name in the “Skins” tab of the Weather Watcher Options.

You can only use GIF images. I will add other image formats to an upcoming release.

I converted the png to gif
I put the whole dir in the skin dir

But it doesn’t work. I can’t see the new icons in “Options, skins”,“forcast icons” It was and stays empty.

What is the path to your folder (e.g. “Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins\Icons\NY Times”)?

standard as in the above

krab, the following build should resolve this issue:

Yeah, worked. Thanks Mike.

krab, the following build will allow you to use non-GIF icons. You can use any icons that can be displayed in Pocket IE (GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.).

OK thanks.

Ok Mike. It worked that last version 1.02C.Tested with some new icons.

Mike. What is the max. size of the icons?


How big is your screen? :lol:

The code limits the widths to 52 and 31 so it’s more a question of how much storage space do you have and what do the images look like reduced in size.

The Current view sets the icon to 52 x 52 pixels. The Daily and Hourly views set the icons to 31 x 31 pixels. You would have to adjust the skin file to inccrease the size of the images.

As EdP pointed out, there is not much screen realestate to work with… hence the set smaller size.

I use the standaard size (32*27 pixels) QVGA set . First set of the QVGA sets of four on the above, 1st post mentioned link.

The left icon on the below picture looks “weird” as yopu can see. It l;ooks streched out. The right icons look a little small but good.

It suppose to look like the ones on the right. Basically this was just a try out to see if the other formats worked.btw my screen is QVGA so 240*320

krab, where can I get that icon set from? I’d like to try it out on my phone.

Really!! There is no HEIGHT option specified for the icons only the WIDTH parm. And it appears to work ok for square icons.

I could add the height for the large icon, but it would still look a little odd since I would be forcing a non-square image to have the same height and width :-k

And you think forcing only it’s width to change is better? :shock: is designed to have square icons. You have few choices.

Leave off the WIDTH & HEIGHT and the display is at the mercy of the icons plus you need two sets, one for the Current conditions and one for the Hourly forecasts.

Leave off only the HEIGHT, the display stablizes and non-square icons get distorted.

Specify both operands, the display is fixed and non-square icons may get distorted.

You could specify WIDTH & HEIGHT for just the Current conditions icon and leave the Hourly icons the way they are. The left side of the display would be fixed, non-square icons might get distorted, and the right hand column could rise or shrink based on the icons used.

Leave things as they are and add a FAQ that says that the display is designed for square icons and if non-squared ones are used they may appear distorted. You can also list some tools that the user can use to fix the icon sizes such as Paint and IrfanView and some websites for graphic design assistance.

You could try using the TABLE tag’s WIDTH operand in place of the IMG’s to control the current conditions icon. I don’t know if that would cause large icons to be shrunk or if they would simply be cut off. The latter compounding the current distortion problem.

BTW The icon set I use isn’t square either, 50x42, and they look fine with just the WIDTH parm IMO.

Mike as I wrote in the above here you can get those iconsets, like the one I used among others.

That makes sense. Your icon set is so close to 52 pixels that you cannot tell the difference.

How about the forcast skin? What are ther “secrets” we need to know to apply another skin. And what will be different. Do you have other skins available to check this out?

btw are you a diabetic? Since you’re contribute a gift to diabetics? I am, but a dutch one :iconbiggrin: