Problem with "N/A" current conditions

Here’s an examp-le of what I mean:

Beni Abbes, Algeria 's current conditiona should be “N/A” across the board.

But Beni Abbes’s current conditions are the same as the last city I visited, for example I go to Montgomery, AL and it says 69 degrees, and when I switch to Beni Abbes, it’s 69 degrees.

I have updated Ed’s skins, reinstalled Weather Watcher, but nothing helps;


The following unreleased build includes a fix for that problem:

This build also includes a fix for the daylight remaining bug and a new “Use custom tray tooltip window location” feature in the “Tray Tooltip” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window.

Ya kno, when I go to the Unofficial Release forum I don’t see 5.6.13, of any flavor. No A or B or C release. The last posting is for 5.6.12d.

I don’t know about 5.6.13C dlbryant but 5.6.13A resolves the N/A problem for the cities I have used it with.

Beta bug

The unreleased version fixes the “N/A” bug, but when you right click and select “change active city”, there’s two “add new city” in the menu, and neither takes you to the right tab in the options section to add a new city.

Thanks for all yo0ur hard work, Mike.


Re: Beta bug

I’ll check it out. I’m still working some things out with the new release, so everything is not 100% yet.

dlbryant, the following release will fix the “Add New City…” issue. I haven’t been able to reproduce the double “Change Active City” menu item. … =7372#7372

Latest version indicates N/A for my home town

I am a complete newbie to this forum, so please forgive me if this question has been addressed previously. I have checked the forums but couldn’t find the exact same problem.

In builds previous to 5.6.16 I rarely received the N/A for my home town that I keep present on my taskbar. Oddly enough I seem to get the N/A at my night time (when I use my computer the most) but doesn’t affect any other city I have listed.

I am not sure if this is an issue that can be corrected.

Any useful suggestions for a fix, if available, would be greatly appreciated.

I must admit that this program is the best program I have used and I have trialed a LOT!!!

Re: Latest version indicates N/A for my home town

When that happens again, check your weather at If you see “N/A” there as well, then everything is okay in Weather Watcher.

Re: Latest version indicates N/A for my home town

Thanks Mike. I check out the site for my weather the next time it happens. Regards, Brian

:-s You see N/A in the WW Taskbar icon? Do you see N/A in the WW Tooltip also? If you open a WW forecast window where does the N/A display, everywhere or just a particular location?

Is this what you’re seeing?

Do as Mike suggested, click on the link at the bottom of the WW forecast window and see what that displays.

I tried as Mike suggested and the site indicated that the current conditions are also N/A. Is this because the site that WW gets its information from is not responding? Is there a way to change the site where the information comes from (I doubt it but it is worth asking)?

WW gets it’s weather data from gets it’s data from a variety of sources; airports, ground weather stations, etc. It has been seen that some sources appear to close down at night; guards/cleaning folks turning off the lights on their way out, automatic systems, etc. Reporting the problem to, via their website, offers the only possible permanent solution to their problem.

As for WW, choosing a different location is the fastest and possibly best solution.


Thanks EdP. If I understand you correctly, you seem to be saying that I can choose a different location to download current conditions? If so, how do I do that in WW?

You have to add a new city. One nearby preferably.

If you live in a large metropolitian area it is possible there at multiple sources within the same area. Go to and enter the name of your location and see it it presents you with a single option or multiple ones. If multiple check them out at for the N/A condition and if they don’t display it choose to add one of them to WW’s Active City list. You can then either permanently select the new location as your WW Active City or switch to it whenever your other city shows N/A.



I live in Canberra AU and it seems that the Airport is the only station listed in I have downloaded and installed “Weather Exchange” (groan) and use that program at nights when the current conditions show up as N/A in WW. I don’t see any point in adding another city that is not close by because the current conditions (especially temperature) would be incorrect. Thanks for your help anyway EdP.

Does this [size=3] list of Australian[/size] cities help (keeping in mind I have NO idea how any of them relate to Canberra :icon_smile: )?

Thanks for the site Ed. I found 3 places close by but alas they all showed the now common N/A. I guess they must utilise the same sites.

What times are you seeing the N/A? And in what skin? I added your City to my nb and when ever I have checked I see data. Granted I’m 7 hrs or so off from your time zone but I’ve looked at noon, 6pm, midnight. 2am and no N/As. does switch time periods/days at 3pm and 3am at which time the old forecasts become N/A. For example the Day’s forecast will be N/A but the Night forecast will be fine at 3pm. There’s also a period between midnight and 3am that the Spendid forecast struggles with but is fixed in my Stone Soup skin.

G’day Ed. I notice that the current conditions, including current temperature, goes to N/A at around my 10.00pm (6.00am New York time). I am unsure what time it comes back online again as I have either logged off or go to the “other” weather program when it happens.

I am using the default Splendid skin but will try changing the skin.

regards, Brian

6:00AM :shock:

Sorry wriggley there’s no way I’m getting up that early to check on your weather. :lol: