Pictures for my Icon set I made do not show up

I found weather icons I liked. Numbered them accordingly. Placed them in a zip file then opened it. Put them in the icon folder. The set comes up for me to choose. But when I do, all I get is a box with an x in it. No icon pictures. When I preview the icons in my set the pictures show. Can anyone help me so I will be able to use my set of icons I am using ? Thank you in advance.

Please post a link to your ZIP file and I’ll check it out.

I don’t really know how to post a link to the file. Can you please give me instructions on how to do that? Thanks

What format are the images; png, jpg, bmp?

To link to a zip file you must first upload it to a hosting server. There are many free ones, I use RapidShare myself: Once uploaded it will give you the URL/link to post.

The files show them as GIF. Here is the link you requested. … . I see your icons are also GIF, so I’m hoping that will not need to be changed. I found these icons here listed under helpful links. Thanks, Michelle

“here” ??

Now for your icon problem look at the icons in the WW Skins\Icons folders. Look at them using a Windows Explorer View of List. Look at a couple sets of them. Now using the same View look at your’s. See any differences? :wink:

Nice icons BTW.

PS These threads might interest you:



Chubbywuz, you need to remove "ec " from the beginning of your icon files. BTW, you’re missing the following icons:


:eek: Maybe you need to review the threads and instructions I posted for Chubbywuz also Mike. :lol:

BTW Chubbywuz this CMD script when located in the icon folder should take care of the renames for you.

[code]@echo off
for /F “delims=> tokens=1” %%i in (‘dir *.gif /b’) do (
call :REN %%i)

set GIF="%1 %2"
set nuGIF=%2
ren %GIF% %nuGIF% [/code]

So where is the revised icon set Chubbywuz? We’d like to see(use) them. :icon_smile:

Well I thought I’d try making a set of icons, but apparently I’m not knowledgable enough to do it. I do not know how to put the CMS script into the folder. I don’t even know what that is. Thanks for all your help, but I think I’ll quit trying, whatever I do does not seem to work. I’m new at trying to create things for the computer.Maybe in a few days I’ll try again.

Don’t give up!! It’s not that hard. And you have all of us here to help you so you’re not alone.

As for the script:

Open Notepad.
Then highlight the script posted above and click on Copy.
Back to Notepad click on Edit and Paste.
Then click on Save and choose the icon folder with your icons for the save location, giving the file a name that ends in .cmd. Like Fixit.cmd or My1stscript.cmd, or goofy.cmd.
Once saved open your icon folder and dbl click the .cmd file.

You could manually rename each of the files but what fun would that be.

With the files renamed you will be 66% finished with your icons. Read the threads I pointed to before for further guidance and if you get lost come back and ask for more direction.

Creating icons can be tedious but very rewarding when you’re done.


[size=5]Hey!![/size] What happened to the new icon set? We’ve been looking forward to it for over a week. :icon_smile:

You’ve done the hardest part, you collected the icons, you just need to tweak their organization a bit.

Had a really bad week. Mother in law in hospital, found out she has cancer. Hopefully I’ll be able to spend some time this week & work on them. Maybe with all the help from you guys, I’ll get the set to work.

Oh Michelle, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Take you time with the icons.

And I will say a prayer for your mother-in-law.

Well things at home have calmed down. So thought I would try fixing icons again. For some reason the icons in my folder were all screwed up. Went in & re-ordered them again, GUESS WHAT, THEY WORK!!! Next thing, how do I do it so that others can use the set? As I had said before, I followed a link in the forum([/url]) &then was redirected to [url=] Found about 5 pages of different weathr icon sets. This one is Environment Canada on pg. 3. So please let me know how to make them available here for others to use. Once I get them up, I hope you like them. Please let me know what you think of them!

Welcome back Michelle. I hope your mother-in-law is doing better.

Yea!! =D>

Next thing, how do I do it so that others can use the set?

First you package the set, to which there are two options, then you upload the package to a web hosting site.

You can package just the icons as a ZIP file or you can package the WW’s Icon’s icon folder containing them as a ZIP file that you rename as a WWS file.

A free hosting site use to be but they’ve imposed some restrictions making them less desirable. seems to be a good site and I’m sure you can find others. Once the file is uploaded post the download URL here.

Did you use the file noted in this thread Create your own forecast icons to tailor your icons?


For others that might pass this way this is the link Chubbywuz was most likely referring to: … icons.html

Lets hope I did this right. Used winzip to zip the file. Named it WWS-Environment Canada. Here is the upload link given to me … Please let me know asap if this link works & how you like the icons.

I can’t get the link to work. Here I uploaded to The new link is … Please let me know if this works. Also Can I make a new completely different post for the new icons? I’m not sure how many people will find it all the way at the end of this topic.

:-s The link is for Rapidshare not 4Shared.

Regardless I was able to download them. :icon_smile:

Please let me know if this works.

They certainly are an attractive set of icons.

Some changes you can make:

  1. You can delete the my icons.cmd file from the download. :lol:
  2. the 24 windy.gif should be 24.gif
  3. the na.gif should be -.gif
  4. the 0x icons need to have the 0 dropped.
  5. and TWC uses 44.gif as a NA image also. I’m not sure why TWC does that or what will happen if you don’t change your image, I’m just saying what it is.

Also Can I make a new completely different post for the new icons?

You can edit the 1st post, that’s what I and some others do. But a new thread with the name of the icons in the subject would make them stand out better. Your choice.

You might want to rename the zip file. Since it’s not a WWS file there’s no need to include those letter’s in it’s name, it might confuse someone.

Does Rapidshare still have the policy of only allowing 10 downloads for free accounts?

So what you are saying is I still have more work to do? As for RapidShare I became a Free Zone member. (It was free). So now as many that want to download can accoring to what the site said.