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Yes, I already searched…

This is a typical example of a company who is displaying false-positives. My site is red because I offer the Weather Watcher bundle.

And I understand that. The thing is, there are also 23 reviews of your site at the site stat page for Singer’s Creations, and all are positive. They have removed any reference to your site offering the bundled download, but say your site links to

There is also a place for the site owner to log in with his / her own personal comments - I think that, at the very least, you should log in there and jot a bit down for folks to read.

From the help popup for Site owner comments:

I also moderate at another forum, and the owner of that forum mentioned she loved to use your software but stopped using it because of the bundled version you used to offer. When I told her you no longer did it her first response was that SiteAdvisor still marked the site as bad - but she admitted that it was for a very spurious reason.

All of your products are great, and though I don’t use all of them, I am working on getting myself set up for Google AdSense soon on my own website, and I want to be able to spread the word - but so many people blindly assume that McAfee SiteAdvisor is the end all, be-all for site safety determination…

Interestingly enough, the Netcraft Toolbar marks your site as just fine…

Here is the link for your site’s SiteAdvisor info: … e&aff_id=0

johngalt, it took me many months to get a green rating at SiteAdvisor. My status must have just recently been changed i[/i]. These people are really unbelievable…

I think SiteAdvisor needs to give their own website a red rating for being unethical :neutral:

You’ve dropped the bundled “spyware” version!!! When did that happen?

Spyware… haha… don’t get me started :neutral: It’s been gone for months now…

Peronsally, I am trying to find the link to inklineglobal - I haven’t seen it yet, so I am wondering if it is a part of the adverstising on the site?

johngalt, there is one at the top, right of this page (the banner ad).

Certainly you have heard of the old expression that a person is judged by the company he keeps.

Watch TV on your PC. Yeah right, just don’t look for any network you have ever heard of. No ABC, no NBC, no CBS, no FOX, no ESPN, no HBO, etc, etc.

Have you ever heard of Google ads?

Internet TV is going to be big. You might not see those channels yet, but they will be coming.

I know a lot about Google ads… certainly enough to know that they do not work on the type of websites I run.

The key words are “going to be”. When it happens then I’ll look into sw to access it. Not now.

For those interested in TV on the pc might I suggest a Hauppauge card or USB stick. They work great with cable and antenna and they are acquired with a one time cost as opposed to…

Oh look, a PC Improvement Wizard ad. And guaranteed to find problems and require a payment to fix them. Such a deal!

Great, don’t buy it. It’s really not for everyone.

I love my Hauppauge TV card. Unfortunately, Hauppauge has nothing to do with Internet TV.

Yes, it’s such a crime to charge for software. They are even offering a 60-day 100% no risk guarantee. I think someone should put them in prison…


So when your car needs an annual inspection where do you go, the garage guaranteed to find something wrong with it, for free, and fix it for a price, or the garage that only reports you have a problem if it finds something is actually wrong. After all there’s nothing wrong with charging for repairs, right.

EdP, if you have a problem with something, then go ahead and say it. I really don’t have time for your games :neutral:

The point is;

And that also applies to software and websites.

You seem to be a fine person, you seem to be a bright person, your Weather Watcher apps seem to be extremely useful and both you and your apps are well respected by those of us that use them.

But for strangers, and potential new users, the security ratings by the various security apps turns them away.

EdP, point taken. I am trying to get things straightened out with McAfee. There is only so much you can do sometimes though. It’s almost like you need a lawyer to even get a point across sometimes…

Well you have a couple of options. Get McAfee to change their impression of your site or change your site so that McAfee’s impression is different. The path of least resistance might be the better approach.

Wow, this discussion flared a lot since the time I originally posted.

RE: Inklineglobal - haha, I didn’t actually click the banner at the top, so I didn’t know that that was it…I thought it was for another iTV site, for some reason…

RE: company kept - I have had to defend more than one site to people who just don’t see the value of the site because they can’t see past the rating assigned to it by some arbitrary site somewhere on the net - and McAfee is getting worse and worse every day. They rate your site a red for one link, but I just ran across a site that they prove posted their email address on the web, making it easy for phishers and scammers and spammers to get a hold of it, and that site was yellow. Another site, (also yellow) Sent out 5.9 emails per day - so obviously their rating system is flawed, and most likely, when someone reported that you linked to inklineglobal, they simply reinstated your previous rating without bothering to verify the rating schema used.

I should be the last person to have posted a review (using my real name) and am now registered to be a tester for them - however, (and this is a complete non requitals, as, for right now, I have no proof otherwise) it is interesting to note that all of a sudden my PW is not working there - and it is not a dictionary password, but one that I generated using my KeePass PW Safe program - so it is stored in a file, not having been altered, and the program works in every other website flawlessly, and worked at the siteadvisor site for 2 days as well…so…

Donna Bonaventura, MS MVP, author of Donna’s Security Flash, told me she used to use WW until the bundled version came out - and even though she knew that she could avoid the bundled version and avoid any of the headaches that came with installing the bundle, she didn’t want to be associated with it. Me, on the other hand, I have no problem associating myself with software that is written correctly but an author who would rather provide it for free to the majority of his users and provide for modest income generation with bundled software - hence my use of WW and MessengerPlus.

Besides, in my eyes, what you do is not nearly as bad as what some software, like Real Player, does - adds the Firefox with Google Toolbar as a ‘bundle’ *with the check mark already checked - I prefer not to use the Google Toolbar, not because of any privacy issues (I have 3 GMail accounts, my website is hosted through Google Apps and I am working on getting Google Adsense up on my page) but because I have no use for the damn thing - but Real it is a pre-selected option - say I have a mouse that has a bad left click button, and sometimes it double clicks when I want to single click - I can easily never see that option to remove it, and all of a sudden I’ll have Fx being -re-installed on my system, with the Google Toolbar, overwriting my Community Edition version of Fx that is tailored for my P4 processor - and if that were to happen I’d be madder than a cat thrown in the bathtub. Claws Extended. Ready to shred.

At least with your software I had to make a choice before I even began downloading - and with others, if there is not a separate bundled version, then at the very least there is a non selected option to install the bundle - or, the way that M+ does it - no option is selected, forcing the user to make the choice - no way to automatically skip the step.

As far as iTV is concerned, I already use it - in the form of Joomba and various networks’ .com sites (Fox and TBS particularly). It is the wave of the future, but I also say it will lead to yet another .com bust, particularly when people start addressing Internet addiction more stringently.

Just for the record, McAfee’s SiteAdvisor’s review of inklineglobal … m/summary/

Here is a perfect example of McAfee’s unfair practices: is also partnered with, but they somehow achieved a green status.

Interesting. There is definitely inconsistency with their ratings. If Betanews has a link to inklineglobal it should be flagged as red!!

Any site that proposes users download WINANTIVIRUS PRO 2006, which the 2nd comment on the link you gave shows, should be burned!! I spend two days trying to remove that piece of crap from a client’s pc. Major malware crap.

Not to mention them having at least 4 products they host that can be downloaded that have some sort of adware or questionable script built into it.

I personally love BetaNews too, but I am rather shocked that they have a lot more questionable items than you and link to ILG and are still green.

I’ll have to bring this up.