"Ed's" 5.6.x Skins (Interfaces/Forecasts)

“Ed’s” 5.6.x Skins (Interfaces/Forecasts)

Skin Names: Eds Classic, Eds Stone Soup, Eds Mini, etc
Skin Type: Forecasts, Interfaces and a Tooltip
Author: Ed P

Eds Stone Soup forecast skin.

Eds Splendid Mini - Watermark forecast skin. See other images of the Eds Splendid Mini current forecast skin here[/url] and [url=http://www.singerscreations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1427&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=12]here.

The Interface skin shown in each of the above is the Eds Classic EyeCandy.

Eds Classic XL current forecast skin.

Eds Splendid Mini - Favorite Photo forecast skin with Hunz’s Transparent Mini Interface skin.
[size=2](You must add your own favorite photo. This one is mine! :icon_smile: )[/size]

Eds Mini Interface skin.

Eds Classic - Wm plus 6 items tooltip.

Eds Export template.

All skins are fully compatible with IE 7 and 8. They are also compatible with FireFox and Netscape browsers if the Forecast Icons are limited to the Classic option and versions prior to 5.6.16 are used . :wink: Webpages created with the Export template will work with Firefox or Netscape regardless of Weather Watcher 5.6 version.

Size is approximately 1.9 MB.
Includes five Forecast skins, ten 5.6 compatible Interface skins, four Tooltip skins, one set of weather icons, two sets of actual moon images, an enhanced Export template and a CMD file for making Weather Watcher Skin Installation Wizard (.WWS) files, and a .wav file for alerts. size=2[/size]

[size=2]* Permission is given to use any and all skins, icons, images and templates for personal use. Commercial use and distribution is not permitted.
Installation Instructions:
Dbl click on the downloaded file to invoke the Weather Watcher Skin Installer Wizard. Once installed activate using the Weather Watcher Options>Skins tab. To complete the configuration of the Eds Classic Tooltip run the Tooltip’s TTskin.cmd file (or TTskin.bat file if running an older Windows version) after you configure the toolbar to your liking.

All Eds skins exist alongside the default Weather Watcher skins, they do not overlay or interfere with the original skins.

Weather Watcher 5.6.10 (or higher)


IF the file you download has a .ZIP extention instead of .WWS please rename it back to .WWS.

This happens because of an IE security setting for downloading files based on content rather than on extention. While this is certainly a safe thing to do and a good idea it is interfering with our WWS files which are based on the ZIP format. Not sure when this setting got added or enabled but suspect SP2 may have done it.

So, you can do one of two things if you are running XP SP2 and experiencing this problem.

  1. When prompted with IE’s Save the file window, change the Save as type: from Compressed (zipped) folder to All files before clicking on the Save button.

  2. Go to Control Panel>InternetProperties>Security tab>Custom Level button and scroll down to the Open files based on content, not file extention option and change the selection from Enable to Disable, download the file, then change the Security option back.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

[i]Originally posted by EdP[/i] Above image based on Weather Watcher's [b]5.6.6[/b] Splendid skin and is fully compatible with current IE 7 beta, FireFox and Netscape browsers. [b]Ed[/b]

Somehow, when I redownload the EdsSkins.wws file, I’m not getting the new EdsSplendid forecast skin as described above. Do you suppose something happend that I can’t download the new file?

[:p] [b]Hunz[/b]

:eek:!! :eek:!! :eek:!!

I don’t understand what happened. I uploaded the current file at the same time I uploaded the above image. They both uploaded according to the window. I just uploaded the WWS file again and I checked the wws file on my hd and it does indeed have the current wtp file.

I do see though that Walagata is closing down the end of this month!!! So I need to find a new host. Maybe that is having an impact on the WWS file I don’t know.

Thanks for pointing it out Hunz.


The new link appears to be working. :icon_smile: Please check it out.

Got it! Thanks again. I put a mirror up on our webserver at


[:p] [b]Hunz[/b]

Hunz thanks for the space. :icon_smile:

Please note that I have updated the Walagata file, and the top posting. It’s name is back to simply EdsSkins.wws and it includes an addition interface skin. :wink:

Link and image now moved off of Walagata.

And I added XMM’s thermometer option to the Splendid skin. :icon_smile:

Hello EdP

I was interested on test your version of Splendid with my option for thermometer. Where can I get it?

Hello XMM. Just download and install the WWS file in the link at the top of this thread. It’s in the Current.wtp file in the Eds Stone Soup folder.

Updated location of the file.

Got an updated version of Ed’s Eye Candy interface skin – the main changes are to the status dialog and the close button. (Also added is: “Author=Mike Singer & Contreras & XMM & Ed & Tom” for a nice pot of Stone Soup.) [;)]




a nice pot of Stone Soup.

A most accurate description. :icon_smile:


Cool link, Ed! The story’s a bit abbreviated but the idea’s there. :slight_smile: Pretty wild project that spawned that page, too… [8D]


Just bumping the topic to point out that Ed’s updated his skin collection in the first message. Thanks for the quick turnaround, Ed!


…and nice job, too. Very detailed change history – how in the world do you remember all that stuff? [8D]


Originally posted by Landroid
how in the world do you remember all that stuff? :lol:

Are you kidding?? Now you know why I keep such a detailed change log. :icon_smile: WAY too much to simply remember. And like all good techs, I hate reinventing the wheel over and over and over again. :wink:

Thank you for your kind words. Compliments are always appreciated. :icon_smile:

'ey Ed, just tried your stone soup, and I must say I like the taste - just one immediate thing came to my attention that I think you should fix; the link to the story of the stone soup, from the aboutbox, should be set to open in a new window, or somehow make a back button available.

Just a thought…

That’s by design. To return to viewing a forecast simply click on one of the interface’s forecast icons/buttons.

Well, just stumbled upon it, and thought I’d mention it in case you hadn’t noticed… But after your description, it’s clear, even to me, that this is the way it really should be - and nicely thought up… thumbs up :mrgreen:

Thank you. :icon_smile: The story just seemed to fit the WW window so well that it appealed to me to use it instead of a new larger one.

Another way to “back up” if you want to is alt-left arrow. [;)]


Well, yeah, ofcourse the shortcuts, but using those would be less apparent than if the link opened a little frameset that has the story in one frame and a simple back button in it… wouldn’t be that hard to make… but I think the way it is, is the way it should be…
And anyways, if you wanna use shortcuts, isn’t backspace easier? :razz:

Mouse>RIGHT click>Back.

There are several ways to get the forecasts back. One of the reasons I thought the embedded Window was a workable approach rather than a separate window or frame option for the Stone Soup link.