download of new version 5.6.18

Heach time I try to download new version above, it says that setup has detected that weather watcher is currently running and asks me to close all instances of it now, etc,etc.
What instances do I have to close and how to do it ??

Jose Campos-Portugal

That’s been normal with each successive update. You need to right-click the tray icon and choose “Exit.” There are other methods of closing WW, but that’s the simplest.

Thank you. Its done.

Jose Campos

Have new version

However, it is showing many script errors?

For instance, pressing CURRENT, IE Script error Dialog box opens…

“An error has occurred in the script on this page”

Line 136, Char 25, Error -Expected hexidecimal digit, code - 0
URL points to an HTML on my disk

Choice of continue running script or not…

No matter which I select, Yes or No, the same thing happens, more errors.

After the 20th error, the display in the app changes.

This error is

Line 603, Char 4, Object expected, code 0.
Again the URL is the the same file on the disk, namely CURRENT.HTML in the app directory SKINS/FORECASTS/SPLENDID.

5 more errors after this.

Now, one thing that might be the cause, I’m running I.E. 7

If I open the file with IE 7, it displays the same as the app, that is missing data and a broken image. However, displaying the same HTML in FF 2.0 shows what I would think is the correct display.

Under IE 7 it appears that most info is missing, no TODAY, TONIGHT, the RED temp bulb, hourly temps, barometer, and probably more, I’ve not done an exhaustive compare.

Suggestions? I looked in IE 7, but can’t seem to see anything that might help? IE 7 when loading CURRENT.HTML doesn’t complain or post error messages?

ispalten, when data is missing from the interface, that is often a sign that JavaScript is disabled in Internet Explorer. The following link explains how to enable JavaScript (also applies to IE 7):

And this should help you to turn off the debugging error msgs. … rrors.html


No, it is enabled…



Checked this and it was already set. Last part implies it might be a virus, but I have CA’s protection suite as well as Pest Patrol in it running.

I can’t understand how anything can effect just IE? FF 2.0 opens the HTML file properly, but IE displays the HTML just like the app.

Doesn’t anyone that is using IE 7.0.5730.11 have it working correctly?

The location, if it makes a difference, is Clermont Florida.

Re-boot doesn’t change the situation either?

Event Viewer shows no errors either?

I created a LOG in the settings, this is what UPDATE added…

1/25/2007,8:23:41 AM,Clermont, FL,46,41,44,93,12,2.6,30.08,0,7:19,6:01

Again, the errors occurred, and FF 2.0 displays it properly and the app gets the errors and displays partial data, just like IE 7?



I have that version of IE working fine. The problems we’ve had with IE7 seem to be mostly with the Tray Tooltip which is why EdP reverted to IE6.

It makes sense that IE displays exactly like the app because WW is in most respects just another IE window. Can you try troubleshooting by disabling CA and Pest Patrol? Also make sure cookies are enabled. That’s as far as my thinking takes me at the moment.


While it is good news that it is working properly in IE 7, then the problem must exist within IE 7 for me. Why? Because the HTML file will display properly in FireFox 2.0. This means to me that the file has been created properly on my system (CURRENT.HTML). That rules out any FireWall, AV, Spyware, or Pest protection issues.

The Tray Icon works fine for me, shows location, condition, temp, and feels like, so it isn’t that, nor would I expect it to be an app issue I guess. Assuming since it completes building the HTML properly that is. However, since it seems to use the IE engine to display the HTML, hence the problem is in there. Since Java is shared between IE and FF, that isn’t the problem either.

I’ll fool around with IE I guess and see if I can determine if a setting or restriction in it is the cause.


When you use IE to display Current.html do you get any IE warning banners across the top of the IE window? Something that requres you to click for options?


Well I tried setting the Security options to DEFAULT but that didn’t help. Then I got notice of your message.

No, no yellow bar on top of the page.

However, I just noticed a small icon to the LEFT of Done after the partial page is loaded. Double clicking on that shows me the SAME errors the app showed. There is a check box to have this show all the time and when checked, re-loading give the whole set of errors.

I went so far as to RESET all the settings to the DEFAULT settings and lost all my changes, all to no avail. It still has the same problem.

I don’t know what else to try?

I agree the problem is tied to IE 7 what’s not clear is how WW works for some IE 7 users but not others. As more and more users upgrade to IE 7 the problem will grow.

What’s discerning is many people that encounter problems with independent apps, like WW, will simply switch to another app that their friend/neighbor/2nd cousin/etc recommends rather than try to fix or debug the problem.

I don’t agree that the html file working in FF rules out the other apps. The apps could have ties into IE 7 that they don’t have for FF or your version of FF does have ties to the apps, yet.

I believe that with IE 7 there is an option to uninstall it and revert back to IE 6. I can’t give you specifics since I never used it. I restored my whole c: partition when I gave up on waiting for fixes. IE 7 isn’t that important to me.

ispalten, please post a screenshot.

Mike, love to, but how do I do that?

The IMG button? It requires a place on the web to store the image… Can I send it e-mail to you?

You can easily upload photos here:

OK, did that,

What the app looks like…

What FF looks like displaying CURRENT


What IE 7 looks like displaying CURRENT

If you look at the lower left bottom, you’ll see the strange Icon next to done. Just before I moved the mouse off the screen there status was Error in Page. If I click on the Icon, I can see the errors in dialog boxes.

It is hard to believe I’m the only person with this problem?

The issue is Javascript-related, but won’t be able to figure out what is going on until I’m able to see the Javascript error message. Please post a screenshot of the errors you see when you double-click the error icon in the lower, left corner of the IE window.

Did you see this posting?

It’s hard to believe your viewing WW files full screen. :twisted: If you haven’t seen it it should look something like this:
What is the name of the folder where you installed Weather Watcher? What weather icons are you trying to use? The variable images are all Javascript based so it’s strange that you get one and not the others.


There are 25 of them, I posted the first one in my first message in this thread.

The first message is

“An error has occurred in the script on this page”

Line 136, Char 25, Error -Expected hexidecimal digit, code - 0
URL points to an HTML on my disk, current.html

After the 20th error, the display in the app changes and shows the partial data.

This error is

Line 603, Char 4, Object expected, code 0.
Again the URL is the the same file on the disk, namely CURRENT.HTML in the app directory SKINS/FORECASTS/SPLENDID.

5 more errors after this one.

Do you want me to copy then all down or is this enough?