CSSplendid Beta 1

Skin Name: CSSplendid Beta 1
Skin Type: Forecast
Author: Flügger

This skin is based on the regular Splendid skin, but has some enhanced features, which include:
-More flexible configuring of thermometer colors
-My version of XMM’s rainbow thermometer (for the geeks: i used 2 pix and css, compared to his 66 pix :cool:)
-The option to use EdP’s two-line temperature display
-The option to use EdP’s ‘icon’ alert notification
-Some misc. features from EdP’s skin (bigger icons, temperature at current icons, etc)
-The option to rotate the moon 180 degrees (mainly for people in the southern hemisphere - requested in the forums, somewhere)
-The scrollbars match the colors of the splendid interface
-The generated HTML pages look the same in IE, FireFox and opera
-The option to change the size of the icons
-The option of choosing ‘real’ pictures of the moon
-Choise of which elements to display in the ‘Current Forecast’


Filesize is approx. 528KB

Installation, etc:
Check out EdP’s post for this stuff, he explained it quite well: viewtopic.php?t=1120

I hope you like it, and look forward to any feedback - but remember, it’s just a ‘beta’ version, published so i can see if anyone likes it or i should just drop development. If you like it, tell me, and I’ll make the skin complete (all forecasts, tooltip, and maybe even interface and icons)

2006-03-09 - update #1:
-Made some minor adjustments (mostly appearance of the options box)
-Added an Aboutbox :mrgreen:
2006-03-09 - update #2:
-Added option to change alert and temperature display’s (on request from Hunz, functionality made by gus and EdP)
-Updated screenshot to reflect the changes
2006-03-10 - update #3:
-Added another way of presenting temperatures, using parentheses
-Moved even more styles
2006-03-12 - update #4:
-Fixed up some appearance issues
-Pulled almost all CSS into seperate file
-Modulized and functionalized most control statements
-Changed the temperature display feature a little
-Planned the last changes of beta 1 :mrgreen: 2 coming up, with newer stuff
2006-03-13 - update #5:
-Added those i should’ve long ago, to the aboutbox
-Couple of minor fixes
2006-03-29 - update #6:
-Tabbed the aboutbox to make room for more stuff
-Added the feature of printing in a simpler style
-Should be at least as stable as any of the other versions :wink: and also the last build of beta 1
2006-04-16 - update #7:
-I lied.
-This neither will be the last, but I’ll make no more beta 1 builds after #20
-This update fixes the icon sizing problem for my skin - you can now choose your own sizes.
-Fixed up the tabs and tab-handling
-Updated my links :eek:
-Coming will be a few more fixes, and -I hope- a rather flexibility-improving feature… I’ll be back…!
2006-06-05 - update #8:
-I’m back, at last :wink:
-You can now choose between weather-com icons or ‘real’ pictures of the moon [ripped straight from EdP, sry m8]
-Moon rotation for the southern hemisphere should be correct now - according to pictures from drawdeselrahc from Brisbane, Australia
-Tabbed options and updated links
-AND, as i promised, a flexibility fix now allows you to hide thermometer, gauges and mini-forecasts seperately - this feature, though, is the reason it’s build 17b, cuz it still needs a little adjustment, to look good
-I hope I’ll get some more hours again soon, so I can wrap up beta 1 - there’s not much left to do here…
-Will update screeshot accordingly really soon

Nice work… keep the updates coming [:)]

Just some picky suggestions. The way Ed handles the alerts and the temperature displays (especially when displaying both F and C) are more to my liking. Check out the graphic below.

I LOVE the new options and the rainbow thermometer. Very good work!!

(link to graphic deleted because the file got removed from server)

[:p] [b]Hunz[/b]

:mrgreen: First off, thanx for the kind words already :mrgreen:

And then, Hunz, I’ll look in to the alerting soon, but I’ve never experienced any alerts myself, so I haven’t really seen how it’s presented. I’ll play around with it in the near future, but I’d like to know what you’d like and want - and that goes for the temperature displays as well (ie. XX?F/YY?C or XX?F (YY?C), and above or next to one another?)

I’ll be adding new features when i can, but any input would be much appreciated :mrgreen:

Well I’ve tried to read into the Current.wtp file and get a line on how Ed did what he did, but I just haven’t found the time (or the energy).[;)]

I especially like the way the dual TEMP display works without the () or the / and one above the other, but that’s just my personal preference. Anything consistent would be good. You can see how with the original skin, sometimes it’s one way and sometimes it’s another.

You can simulate the alerts by finding a place that is currently under an alert and switching your active city to within the alert zone. This URL can help:


However, I love the new thermometer so much that I’ve decided to forego the dual TEMP display and live with the more bulky Alerts. At least for now.

[:p] [b]Hunz[/b]

There you have it Hunz, the two things you requested has been implemented (as optional features).
I updated my original post, to reflect the changes.

I hope it works for you, it did in my (not so) extensive testing.

And just keep the feedback and/or suggestions coming :wink:


The quest for the perfect skin has ended!
(And you still call it a “beta.”)


Seriously, If this isn’t perfect, it’s very very close. Way cool! Thank you.

[:p] [b]Hunz[/b]

Originally posted by Hunz
However, I love the new thermometer so much that I’ve decided to forego the dual TEMP display and live with the more bulky Alerts. At least for now.
[:p] Hunz

FYI: The images and code in support of XMM’s original thermometer display is in my version of the Splendid skin also. I haven’t had time to look at Fl?gger’s implementation.

I installed your latest version and before WW is completely drawn on the screen I get multiple javascript errors and have to kill the process. I went back to an earlier version and all is fine.

I like your About box option Fl?gger but you either need to change the copyright statement to include Mike’s, MXX’s and my names or remove all the code from your skin that we created.

By ‘latest version’ which build do you mean? (in the aboutbox)
And what does the error say? I don’t get any errors in either WW, IE6, FF 1.0.7 or Opera 8.52.
You could maybe try removing the whole CSSplendid folder, and then installing the new version, to be sure all and only needed files are present.

First off: Thanks :mrgreen:
Second, I didn’t mean to take credit for your work, I just thought it might be najs with an aboutbox with some relevant info - so i coded it lean and fast (and in my sleep) and just forgot to pay any attention to what content should be in it.
Furthermore, I actually planned my so called ‘beta 1’ to contain almost no new features - i just wanted to collect my favorite stuff from other skins, and combine them in one, while allowing the user to choose if they wanted the different features to be in effect on their WW.

And as far as planned, one of the next releases will be the last in ‘beta 1’ - and from then on I’ll use as little ‘borrowed’ code as possible.

Ohh, and btw, most code I used aren’t as much code you guys created as it’s code i created (strongly) inspired by your code - I rewrote most stuff, and would even claim that 1. I improved some aspects of the code 2. I know all the code I didn’t create myself atleast as good as the original creators.

All this being said, I still wanna say I’m sorry for not pointing out the proper people as creators - other than what I’ve written in this topics skin description thingy. I didn’t mean to :oops:

[i]Originally posted by Manymosi[/i]
I installed your latest version and before WW is completely drawn on the screen I get multiple javascript errors and have to kill the process. I went back to an earlier version and all is fine.

I had the same thing happen just now with beta 14. I just kept clicking “OK” and eventually got through it. Now I can’t reproduce the issue. It would probably have worked w/o a hitch if I had switched to a different skin, removed CSSplendid, and then installed the new version. I’ll probably do that the next time.

[:p] [b]Hunz[/b]

Originally posted by Fl?gger
First off: Thanks :iconbiggrin:
Second, I didn’t mean to take credit for your work

You might want to update the http://www.jayscape.net/CSSplendid.png image to reflect your changes. :icon_smile:

And you should add gus’s name to the list for inspiring some of the display concepts if you haven’t already. If possible making each name a link to their forum post that relates to your skin would be kinda cool. I don’t know if that can be done in the box but it’s a thought.

I haven’t had time to look at your skin yet but I will, I promise.

Hi EdP,

I’ve updated the screenshot http://www.jayscape.net/ww/CSSplendid.png to reflect a couple of minor changes - but I’ll soon look in to updating it to show much more.

I already made the names to be links to the peoples profiles, but come to think of it, I think I like your idea better… And since I tend to combine the ideas I like, I might have the name link to the profile and have the ‘title’ link to the post that ‘inspired’ me.

Furthermore, gus will be mentioned, I just didn’t remember that you got that idea from him - will be updated in the next version.

Concerning what can be show or not, the limits are in the definition and implementation of HTML itself, so no limits there :razz:

The screenshot also reflects a couple of other (very) minor changes:
-Made the line-temp-display a seperate option
-Fixed alignment in the left - between the tab-view and the border above it
-Changed the link part of “View this forecast at weather.com?”
-Made the options- and aboutbox appear a little more like ‘real’ windows

And, concerning the script errors, I get some myself (VERY rarely, though) but they seem to only come up the first time I load the skin (if they come at all) - I haven’t determined the cause precisely yet, but I’ll find it and take care of it asap.

Hope it helps a little :mrgreen:

And since I tend to combine the ideas I like, I might have the name link to the profile and have the ‘title’ link to the post that ‘inspired’ me.

That works.

You might consider changing “Misc features and smooth ideas” to “Brilliant features and fantastic ideas”. Or switch the adjectives if you prefer. :iconbiggrin:

It’s going to be hard to credit everybody in the idea chain for various things. On the Winamp website they have a prohibition against using other people’s work at all (with links to “Is this skin a rip? Report it”) and I bet it’s to avoid having to deal with the crediting process. There must be a fair way to do it, though – I just don’t know what it’d be.

Just for an “official” statement: I don’t mind people making derivatives of any of my work posted here, like the XP Royale, Olive and Silver skins. They’re all happily based on Mike Singer’s original work anyway, and who knows who all inspired him? [;)]

I guess we could use the Creative Commons licensing format – that seems to be pretty well thought out.


Well, Landroid, I think all this talk about copyrights and derivative work is just my own little fault, cuz I didn’t think when I wrote myself only in the copyright statement in my aboutbox. This has been taken into consideration, and should be just fine now. I don’t mind other people making derivatives of my work either, but it’s always nice to get recognition for your initial effort, and that’s why I’ve chosen to add a tab for credits.

On a side note, I’ve just uploaded what I plan should be the last version of the beta 1 - coming up will be some new stuff in beta 2, which is planned to have nothing to do with the current forecast, but instead I’ll review, renew and tweak other parts of the forecasts, and other skins.

Flugger, I installed your latest version. It made everything in the forecast area HUGE! If I resize it so there are no scrollbars, WW almost fills my whole screen. Any idea what is wrong?

Manymosi, I can’t really see what could cause your problem - the skin should be just about the same size as the original splendid (and all former versions of mine).

But, what resolution do you use for your screen? What is abnormally sized, compared to other similar looking skins? Could you by any change post a screenshot of the messed up and a properly working version?

My only suggestion off the back of my head, would be to choose some skin (other than CSSplendid), shut down WW, delete the CSSplendid folder, re-install the skin, open WW and then choose CSSplendid.
If this doesn’t help, I’m not sure what’s wrong. Well I’m not sure anyways, but if it helps it helps :mrgreen:

Well, anyways, I hope it’s a stand alone problem, that will be REEAAALLY hard to recreate :cool:

Sorry to say that I seem to have the same behavior. Not much of a problem on my system with the wide screen @ 1680 X 1050. If fact it’s almost desirable. In any case it looks like the icons got even larger compared to CSSplendid beta 1 build 14. Could that have something to do with it? (wild guess) I tried your suggestion and it didn’t make a difference.

[:p] [b]Hunz[/b]