CPU running at 50%

My CPU running at 50% with ww.exe. If I shut weather watcher down cpu goes back to normal,also nothing showing on daily page update also seems not to work,now page all blue at the bottom been like it a few days now.
I am running XP pro with 2.4 duel core cpu and 4 gig of ram…WWL version 6.0.16

Which version of Weather Watcher are you using?

WWL version 6.0.16

It seems to lock up during update.

Thx Steve

Is this a new problem or did you just install Weather Watcher Live?

Did you check to see if anything on your system is blocking Weather Watcher Live from accessing the Internet? That might explain why the ww.exe process seems to lock up during updates.

Hi its a new problem I have been useing ww for a few years now and no problems,nothing has changed on my pc and firewall is not blocking it, if i close wwl and reopen its ok till update then 50% cpu usage…

I have removed v 6.0.16 and reinstalled v 6.0.11 and it seems ok it could be a bug in v 6.0.16 will keep you posted how i get on.

Still doing the same have dissabled my antivirus and antispam but locks up on update… :???:

I have the exact same problem here. No, not exact, my CPU goes up to 90%. But everything else is the same. I also have been using weather watcher for years. And about 2 weeks ago it started to use up all my computers resources. Now i can not use it at all anymore.
If somebody has a solution, I’d be happy to hear.

omega63, it seems that something did in fact change on your computer. If you didn’t touch Weather Watcher Live, then something else might be to blame. If the problem started right after installing Weather Watcher Live 6.0.16, then there could be a bug in that release.

What happens if you try installing Weather Watcher Live 6.0.16 again? Does the problem return?

Bob_x28, did you recently install a new version of Weather Watcher Live or are you having trouble with a version that you’ve been using for quite some time?

Was useing v 6.0.16 for a while and was fine then problem started so uninstalled it and put in v 6.0.11 ok for a while the same problem…

Now i have uninstalled it and reinstalled. But as soon as I start it, the CPU goes up to 95% :cry: It’s a great tool and not working anymore!! :???:

Bob_x28, which version of Internet Explorer do you have installed?

I am useing ie 8.0 and have been before the problem started.

Since I don’t use IE, I’m still back on 6 there. I use FireFox 3.0.8!
All right, sad that I can’t use it anymore, I was looking for alternatives. So I installed Weather Pulse. After a few minutes… guess what… CPU goes up to 95% !! Different applications, same problem.
Now at least I know now that if I find the problem, I can go back to WeatherWatcher. It’s like my computer tries to keep the weather forecast a secret from me…

Any more ideas?

Update I have removed wwl 6.0.16 cleaned registry and reinstalled still the same, but if I right click on tray icon cpu usage goes to normal…

I have tried that too, same here. Right click on the tray icon opens the menu. As soon as this is open, CPU goes down again.
I have also found out that it must be something with the update. It works fine until first update. As soon as it tries to update, CPU goes up. Until then it’s fine.
I have now turned off all kinds of services and applications running in the background, still the same problem. I don’t know what else to do. I’m so sad, it’s such a nice tool!

I have noticed, when I update, under the “Now” tab, it shows all the information and gives me the actual “Downloaded: …” time. When I click on “Daily”, it also gives me the Downloaded time, but nothing else. No weather information.

Does that help to find out more? Thanks!

Oh, also something else that might help: When I click on “Retrieve Weather”, the bar that shows the progress goes up to somewhere 80 to 90 %. Then it stays there. BUT the CPU usage goes up as soon as I click (means, before the bar is stuck).

DITTO mine is the same it cant be our PCs must be a bug its a shame because its aGR8 program and I miss it…

Omega63, what kind of computer do you have? I have a HP Notebook nc6120. Maybe it has something to do with the hardware?!

It’s not the hardware, it’s the GetFile.exe application that updates Weather Watcher. There are a lot of people with this issue. This happens with the latest version and I’ve seen it in past versions. This is really the only weather app worth using, but I uninstalled it last time this happened and will uninstall again because the bug is not fixed.

I’m sure there are a TON of people with this problem that don’t even know it. Most people don’t know what the task manager is. I’m sure this app is responsible for bring a lot of PCs to their knees.

Hi I have a desk top home built pc…6 months old