7.0.11 Skin Issues with WU stations

Hi Mike… In 7.0.11, it seems if you select a Weather Underground station, and then try to bring up the full program, all you get is a blank white square instead of the user interface. If you then try to switch back to a NWS or WeatherBug station, you will get endless script errors, and need to kill the ww.exe process. Switching back to a NWS or Weatherbug station, killing the ww.exe process, and then relaunching appears to bring up a correct UI.

For the specific station – search 11949, select Manorville, NY (Pine Barrens - Weather Underground)

I’m also having problems with WU stations but for me, all the forecast icons are just red x placeholders. Otherwise the rests if the interface seems to be working. If I change back to a weather bug station, everything works again.


rickny, which Interface Skin is selected in the “Skins” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window? Only the “Splendid2” skin is compatible with version 7.

danwdoo, which Forecast Icons are selected in the “Skins” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window? Do you notice any difference if you select a different forecast icons?

Hi Mike, I too have the same problem as rickny had posted and I do have the splended 2 skin selected still only a blank screen.


I’ve tried every icon and all of them exhibit the same behavior.


OK… Tried this out on two computers… As it turns out, my home computer was set to ‘Splendid’ and not ‘Splendid2’ – that fixed the white box issue. On my work computer, it was already using ‘Splendid2’

On my home computer, I noticed the forecast icons were red X’s until I did an update… In fact – I realized that if you change the forecast icons in the options, they don’t actually change until the program does an update. Is this expected behavior?

Also – on my home computer, some, but not all elements of the UI are missing with the same skins, icons, etc between two machines. After I changed to ‘Splendid2’, some - but not all - of those UI features repaired themselves. But it required me to run the 7.0.11 installer again for it to completely fix the UI.

Also --on WUnderground stations, when looking at daily forecasts – for evening conditions, it displays “Sunny” instead of “Clear”.

What are the limitations of using WUnderground PWS stations? Where does the forecast come from in that case? Does it just pull the regular WUnderground forecast for that area?

Whenever I use a WU station, I have red Xs, and they stay permanently. Updating doesn’t help, even restarting WWL makes no diff.

The forecast text is also nonsense. The daily forecast text is saying 60% chance of rain/t-storms, but if I look at the hourly text, it has 52% throughout the day. But if I switch back to the NWS station, the daily text says 52% and so does the hourly–which makes sense.

I just pushed out a new Weather Watcher Live update. Right-click the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon and choose “Check for New Version” to download the update.

Please let me know if any of the above issues still exists after updating.

It seems mostly fixed, but I’m getting some weird question mark icons in the tray tool tip for the nightime hours. In the hourly screen it works fine. Is this the expected behavior?

danwdoo, the icons should match in both places. I have a few questions for you:

1) Which “Tray Icon” set is selected in “Skins” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window?

2) Which weather station are you using?

I’ve tried all the icon sets and all have some kind of problem with the night time icons. Some show a blank white box, some show N/A and the weather bug icons show the question marks. The station I am using is Nalchik Russia (airport from WU). The daily icons also have a red X in the upper left corner even though the icon is there. This is only at the bottom of the now screen and not on the daily tab. It did not seem to be there before so not sure what is up with that.

Mike, thanks it seems your new Weather Watcher Live update that you just pushed out did the trick. All problems including BLANK WHITE SCREEN has been corrected. You sure do take care of your products.
Thanks again.

danwdoo, here’s what I see right now:


When I use the nearest WU station, I get daily forecasts that are out of order. (Please see the screen shot.) Also, toward the bottom, some of the days listed have “N/A” shown in place of a weekday name.


And the daily/hourly POP percentages still don’t match when I use a WU station. For example, right now the hourly forecasts for Wed all show “68%” straight through the day, but there is no daily forecast that shows a corresponding 68%. (I would say that the daily forecast for Wed doesn’t show 68%, but actually there is no daily forecast for Wed being shown at all.)

whatever, I’m working on a fix for those issues.

Hi Mike,

On the tooltip I am getting this:

On the program itself I am getting this:

danwdoo, your images are not displaying. Can you repost them?

Ok, I’m not sure on how to get the image links to work but here are the URLs:


Hope this works!

I’m also having problems with WU stations.

I’m using the Splendid2 skin and the main window looks like that:


The tray icon tool tip looks even weirder:


I have tried different WU stations - US and international.


Steve, thank you for the screenshots. I’m working on a fix.