Zoomable Radar no longer functioning

A Samsung Omnia i910 ROM upgrade has become available. After flashing the new ROM, your excellent Weather Watcher program will no longer zoom on the radar. If you try and zoom on the radar, it results in a blank screen unless you update again in which case it gives you the default radar screen.

Actually the program is now a little erratic. For example when you update, no information is viewable until you touch the touchscreen. Then it will show the information.

Since this is without a doubt the best mobile weather program out there, I hoped there might be a fix. On the other hand I realize you can’t accommodate all the idiosyncracies of each pocket pc.


Unfortunatetly, I’m not able to reproduce that on my end. The weather data is displayed within an Internet Explorer control. It sounds like the ROM upgrade might have changed something in Internet Explorer.

I am also experiencing this same problem on my AT&T Tilt with a custom rom (Pheonix - PHX 3.1.21815). I am also have Windows Mobile 6.5 & Opera 9.7 installed. I also have Touchflo 2d installed which brings me to another point. When i try and scroll with using the screen (like on the daily forcast screen), I am not able to use the touch screen functionality. I am able to use the D pad up and down keys to navigate so it isn’t to big a deal for me but the weather map is the main reason for the install. When i look at the weather map, it displays corectly on initial update but when i try and move it (by using the touch screen to control the map), the map goes white and shows a “Last Updated” Message.

Any help would be appreciated