WWMobile Beta 1 Installed Easily and Working Well

Installed WWMobile Beta1 on my Storage Card of my 8125 WM5 Pocket PC Phone. Installation went smoothly, and the app appears to be working well.

So far this is a very nice and straight-forward stand alone weather app for the PPC.

Thanks! :icon_smile:

Awesome :cool: Please let me know if you run into any problems and/or have suggestions for the next release.


One little thing that I like is the color scheme–shading and icons–especially in the Daily view with the tan/brown. It really makes a simple layout look very professional.

Is it possible to keep track of the size of the content downloaded? For instance, a daily and weekly running total of the size of the data downloaded.

I have a GPRS connection that is usually on, and I would set WWM to download each time it’s opened if the data size is small. I assume that it is, but am not sure how to determine this.

– Andrew

If you downloading the weather for the max number of days/hours, then Weather Watcher is pulling down about 23K of data each time you update the weather. I’ll add that to my to-do list.

Thanks for the data tracker. :icon_smile:

No problem :cool: