WWM data displays in Opera

EVerything installs perfectly. However, when I launch the application, I only see the tabs. When I select any of the tabs, Opera browser opens and displays the data in the browser, and not within the WWM app.

Any idea what went wrong?

It seems the quick fix is to set Internet Explorer as your default web browser. Check out the following thread:


Thanks Mike. I did what “wmm” proposed, ie:

"1) Clone the HKCR_html_Opera subtree to a new subtree named _html_iexplore (this is really easy in Total Commander’s registry editor, I don’t know about others).

  1. Change HKCR_html_iexplore\DefaultIcon\Default to have the value iexplore.exe,-1003.

  2. Change HKCR_html_iexplore\Shell\Open\Command\Default to have the value “iexplore.exe file: %1” (without the quotes).

  3. Change HKCR.html\Default to have the value _html_iexplore."

and bingo … everything is fixed now. FANTASTIC!!! Works on my Touch HD now.

Thanks again … such forums are great … have solved numerous issues just by going through them.