WWLive+WB Issues and Data Accuracy

Firstly I have been using Weather Watcher for years - could be forever.
Great program - I have loaded it on every PC I know. Having the desktop
wallpaper update with live satellite images is by far the most useful feature and everyone enjoys it.
BUT… Weather Watcher Live (WWL) and WeatherBug have serious issues.

1: WeatherBug (WB) Data must be randomly generated its so inaccurate!
I am in London UK and it is about 5 to 8’c off all other forcast websites.
I have checked all possible stations in the London region to find an accurate one - but there is no such thing.
This is not the fault of WWL as the data is the same on the WB website.

2: WeatherBug Images - Clearly WB is ALL American - there is no Radar Images/Animations or any other useful composites for the UK. Just look at all the options the USA have.
Some images are in 'F rather than 'C and of course if you are not American its a problem to read.

3:WeatherBug Spyware/Adware - I clicked on some links within WWL that
take you to WB website - Firstly I got a ALERT from SPYBOT Search and Destroy as the site opened - they use malicious code in the web Ad’s.
Also after a bit of reading up on WB - I see they embed all kinds of advertising things into their downloads (not WWL) with things like SAVENOW. A well known Adware/Spyware product.

4:WeatherBug - WebCams/WeatherCams/etc - I couldnt find anything for the UK so far - Its way too American.

I hope you keep WW regular going and maybe update the DAILY and HOURLY pages to look like WWL (really good look now) - the WWL CURRENT page has problems in a few ways - hopefully that gets fixed.
(Map doesnt always load / The today chart is kinda mixed up and not easy to read at a glance)

Also a feature to add - would be to hotswop on the CURRENT page to a list of favourite locations (even a top 3) instead of going via OPTIONS.

Also I use EUMETSAT for !MPE! satellite images.
http://www.eumetsat.int/Home/Main/Image … x.htm?l=en
They have changed the way they save their images now - so you can add the latest image into WW (0.jpg) and it will update on the desktop.
But I am sure you all know this already.

Thats it for now…