WWL6.0.22 Not Connecting to Internet

Hi Mike.

I am running Windows XP SP3 and IE8.0.6001.18702

On Friday I upgraded from 6.0.18 to 6.0.22. I had not experienced any of the IE8 compatabilty issues others had reported, but thought I’d upgrade anyway to stay current.

On my PC at work I have always connected to the internet via a proxy and so added the server and port details in the new fields to go with the username and password details already present.

From the moment of install to now, 6.0.22 has not been able to retrieve any data from the internet (with one exception I’ll get to later!). When I try to “Add a Station” I don’t get the usual list of stations on search, just the message “server not found”. If I pick my station from the drop-down list (still populated, even after uninstall of the previous version), it will not retrieve forecasts. When I set my Wallpaper map, no map is retrieved. If I open the app itself there are no forecast or station details. However, (and here’s that exeception I mentioned) when I Manage Maps the latest version of the maps is displayed when I select each one - as determined by the date/time stamp within the image. :???:

So I thougt I’d uninstall 6.0.22 and reinstall 6.0.18 to check whether it was a PC/network problem… no problems downloading forecasts, updating maps, etc. Everyting worked perfectly! In fact, the forecast and maps updated before I’d put in my proxy login id and password even! :-s

Am I the only one experiencing these issues, or is it more widespread? When I get home this evening I’ll check on my PC at home which is Vista rather than XP and doesn’t connect via a proxy - I’ll update later.


The maps display as expected because they are loading in an instance of Internet Explorer. They are not displaying as wallpaper because that feature uses DL.EXE to download the map images from the Internet.

The Weather Watcher Live build below contains some proxy-related tweaks. Please give it a try and let me know if it resolves your problem.


I’ll download it and give it a go.

In the meantime, I test build 6.0.22 on my Vista PC and all worked perfectly.

Sorry for delay in update…

I installed the version from the link, selected “Auto Detect” proxy settings and all data and maps now download/update with no problems. =D>