WWL30, Vista SP1 64bit, C2Q6700


Just wanted to let you know that I got a new computer, running an Intel Core 2 Quad 6700 processor with 4 GB RAM, and WWL .30 runs beautifully on Vista SP1 64bit (thus far - just installed, set options, and then closed out and ran as regular user).

So far, no issues at all, and the updating takes a lot less time - which indicates to me that the update process is processor intensive.

Out of curiosity, what processor are you building WWL on?

I normally develop on my 2.20 GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core PC (HP Pavilion a1450n). I currently have 2 GB of RAM, but will expand it to 4 GB eventually. As you probably know, Vista loves the RAM :neutral:

Oh, yeah, I know - my previous machine was a P4 3.2(E) GHz Prescott CPU based machine with 3 GB of PC3200 RAM - that is besically the only reason I was already able to run Vista -although it was most definitely slower than what I have now.

Any plans on making a 64bit version, (in psite of the fact that the 32 bit seems to work just fine)?

Oh, BTW - the machine I picked up is an HP M8430F…Not anywhere near the fastest or latest or greatest, but after my last machine this is a step light years into the future…

Also, is there any real CPU specific / arch specfic optimizations you could include to enhance WWL? (Of course, this assumes already that you are are willing to include the enhancements in the first place…)

I have no plans to create special Weather Watcher releases.

For example?

I was asking you - didn’t have any specific in mind.

Oh well, no loss on the lack of 64 bit app yet - when (if?) widows goes 64bit I suppose you’ll follow then.

Well, the goal is to always write the most efficient code. That said, I’m not sure what more could be done.