WWL Weather History yields blank data

Go to the bottom of the WWL user interface and click “HISTORY”, and all you get is blank data, regardless you are using Weather Underground or WeatherBug. It does not matter if is a USA or international city, or real-time or airports. Is this a bug? And yes, I’m using the latest version of WWL.


It’s not a bug. It looks like a lot of weather stations just don’t have history available. Here is one from my station list that does:


So, not all have blank data.

Weather Watcher Live will soon be able to collect and display its own weather history. That feature will probably replace the need to link out to the WeatherBug or Weather Underground website for most people.

I see that it works with personal weather stations, but not for airports, even the major ones (New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Tokyo, etc.). It always comes up with blank data (it will say History for RJTT, and show blank data. But I can go to the Weather Underground website itself and look it up on Weather Underground’s home page and it comes up with “History for Tokyo, Japan” and with all the data.

This problem exists with all the airports.


That helps. I’ll take a look at the Weather Underground airport links in my data feed.

Thanks for looking into the problem. Hopefully you can find the problem. It may be just as easy to take the user to this URL http://www.wunderground.com/history/ although I don’t think it works for the personal weather stations,


Try installing the following build over top of your existing Weather Watcher Live installation:

I have only one city so far that has problems: Montgomery, AL., the KMGM airport. It is 8 in the morning there, and it shows that the high temperature for the day so far is 102 degrees! It also doesn’t show the history. I went to weatherunderground.com and everything was correct.

Why is Montgomery, AL so important to me? My mother lives there.

Thanks in advance.



UPDATE: The Hi and LOW is now correct, but here is what I get for history for KMGM:

“KALMONTG8” Not Found


UPDATE: The actual hi and low are not working right again.

This is what I get for KMGM: Note the year zero on the page. I can’t get any airport to work on this webpage. Thank you for taking the time to help.



For some reason, my data feed includes an incorrect link for some (if not all) airport weather stations. I think this build will resolve that though:


I don’t know if this will be helpful. Here is what I get with V7.1.41 for the Charleston, WV Yeager Airport and then my normally used WUnderGround station for 25177


siliconman01, the changes I made in 7.1.41 were to fix the Weather Underground history link. Some WeatherBug weather stations do not have history data, so nothing in shown on the history page on WeatherBug’s website. In your screenshot, I cannot tell if the history is not available or if your ad blocker removed that content.