WWL V7.2.54: Very nice enhancements

V7.2.54 release has some very nice enhancements. Thanks much =D>

I’m happy to hear you like them :icon_smile:

Mike, I’m sorry, but I have to admit I don’t like the bar graphs on the daily and hourly forecasts. Could you make an option to remove them from those screens?

I’m curious. What don’t you like about them?

I’ll work on adding a setting to hide them in the skin setting (“Settings” at the bottom of the main Weather Watcher window).

Maybe I’m alone here, but the bar graph just takes up room that I would rather use to see conditions(partly cloudy etc), wind direction and speed, humidity etc. I guess I wouldn’t mind the bar graph it is was at the bottom of the forecast. What do the pink/purple and green areas even mean?

The top part of the bar graph shows the temperature. The colors help visually spot when it’s going to be hotter/cooler. The bottom part of the bar graph (gray & green blocks) show the chance of precipitation. If you hover over the bars, you’ll see a tooltip with a description of what it’s showing.

Thanks for the explanation - but thanks even more for saying you will work on making the graph an option. :icon_smile: As I said, it’s just not for me.

Still planning to add this I hope?

So, it hasn’t grown on you yet? :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m still planning on working in this change. I don’t have a date for the next release, but I’ll include it then.

No. I’ve tried, really i have, but it just gets in the way of what I really want to see.

I do appreciate your willingness to put in an option to disable this.

I created a new “Splendid4-NoGraphs” interface skin. You can download it here:

Unzip that file and drop the “Splendid4-NoGraphs” folder into your Weather Watcher interface skins folder. To find that folder, click the “Open Skin Location” button in the “Skins” section of the Weather Watcher Options window. And, then open the “Interface” folder.

After the new skins folder is in place, you’ll see it in the “Skins” section of the Weather Watcher Options window. You’ll need to close and reopen that window if it was open while you copied the new folder.

Thank you Mike - that is perfect!

You continue to show yourself the best, most responsive software developer I have ever run across.

Bar graphs

While useful, would rather see less colors, maybe just red for hot, green for comfort, and blue for cold? So many other colors seem meaningless.

Nice idea. I could add a new section to the Weather Watcher Options to allow the colors to be set for each temperature range Weather Watcher is using right now.

Hi Mike did you ever look into changing bar graph temp colors?

Mike - I just got a new computer with Windows 10 on it. When I try and use this skin the spacing is all messed up. Please see attached screenshot.


Mike - can you look at this?

Try resetting the settings in Internet Explorer. You can do that in the options window here:

Ok, I did that - reset options, exited IE, opened Weather Watcher, changed skin - no difference. Exited WW and restarted and skin is still messed up.