WWL V7.1.31: Not Updating Properly on system startup

This is on Windows 7 SP1 x64 Professional with an always-on cable modem/router. The problem herein started with the WWL V7.1.31 update.

On system reboot, WWL does not appear to update properly. The temperature icon in the Notification Tray stays as italic until the next update by WWL (mine is set to “every 5 minutes”).

In observing the Notification Tray icon closely: On the first update, it changes from italic to normal briefly and then back to italic.

This issue occurs on 3 different local weather stations.

In Options, the following items are selected under Weather Auto Update.

  • Auto retry every minute when update attempt fails
  • Set tray icon to Italic when update attempt fails

It does not appear that the update fails because there are no 1 minute retries following the first update run.

The WWL log is:

5/31/2012,2:39:01 AM,Saint Albans, WV (Green Valley),59.0,59,58.7,99,0,29.63,6:05:23,8:45:06
5/31/2012,2:45:25 AM,Saint Albans, WV (Green Valley),58.8,59,58.6,99,0,29.63,6:05:23,8:45:06

This is for the first run on reboot and then the next 5 minute run when the temperature becomes normal (not italic).

Note: If I manually update WWL following a system reboot and before the next scheduled run, the temperature icon goes to normal (not italic).

Weather Watcher Live version 7.1.32 contains a fix for this issue. It’s available at www.SingersCreations.com.

V7.1.33 installed and issue fixed. Thanks for the super quick resolution. :icon_smile: