WWL V7.1.140: Lost Ability to Display/Use Magnets

This applies to Windows 8.1.u1 x64 Professional with WWL V7.1.140.

I have been running my desktop computer with dual monitors (Dell UltraSharp 24 inches) and have successfully displayed 2 or 3 WWL magnets on these monitors for many months. I use DisplayFusion V6.0.0 (Beta 6) to control these monitors.

Today I added a third monitor which is a Dell P2714T touch screen monitor. It is set as my primary monitor.

Monitor 1 is my primary monitor (P2714T). Monitor 2 is configured above Monitor 1. Monitor 3 is to the left of Monitor 1.

When I first started up, I successfully was displaying 3 WWL magnets on Monitor 3. At that time the monitor configuration was Monitor 3,1,2 all in a row. The magnetics disappeared when I configured the monitors as 3,1 and then 2 on top of 1. Even if I switch the monitors back into a row, the magnets will not appear. I tried adding them again to no avail.

I uninstalled WWL and reinstalled it but am still not able to display any magnet on any monitor.


The magnets will only work in a monitor configuration like this:


You won’t be able to use them in a configuration that is not rectangular.

Okay, I put them back into a line (3-1-2) and the magnets are back in use.

There does seem to be a problem with locking the position of the magnets when the magnets are close to or on the edge of the screen of the monitors. Once positioned, the next startup of WWL shows the magnets moved up or even completely gone. The only way I am to move to Monitor 3 and then lock the magnets on to Monitor 3 is to position them an inch or so any edge of Monitor 3.

If I set the monitors as 1-2-3, the gadgets will lock in position okay on Monitor 3 when near the edges, but not on Monitor 2. This is an awkward and undesired alignment because of the mouse cursor movement from monitor to monitor.

I did not notice this problem when I had only 2 monitors aligned as 1-2.

So, is the shape of your desktop now completely rectangular? Or are you using monitors that aren’t all the same size?

Please see attached picture


The only way this will work as expected is if all monitors are the same size (and resolution).

Weather Watcher sees your desktop as a single monitor – rather than three separate monitors. Since your “single monitor” is not rectangular, Weather Watcher is unable to properly position your magnets when reloaded.

Two magnets are holding in locked position on monitor 3. This satisfies my needs. :icon_smile: