WWL v7.1.116: Custom Weather Map URL not saved/lost

I ran into another bug unrelated to the opening problem. The new arrow hot key that is in the map window wipes out a stored custom map URL if you click on the arrow hot key. See attached image.

To create this problem.

  1. Go to the Main GUI.
  2. Click on Settings at the bottom of the main GUI
  3. Insert a custom map URL in the Map Image Link window.
  4. Save the custom URL by clicking on OK
  5. Refresh to load the custom map.
  6. Click on the arrow hot key on the map. The skin default map URL opens.
  7. The custom map is wiped out in Map Image Link window.

In writing up the above steps, it actually looks like the custom map URL is wiped out during a Refresh action as well. In addition, it appears that opening the Settings window and IE 10 at the same time causes the cursor to be taken over. I was navigating in the list of Favorites when this occurred. I had to exit WWL manually to get control of the cursor again.


Here’s a new Weather Watcher Live build with a fix for the custom map issue:

The problem was that the URL was not loading back into the settings. So, when you opened the settings the second time and saved, a blank URL was saved. When the URL is blank, Weather Watcher Live loads the default weather station map.

Are you able to reproduce the settings and IE 10 issue? I had no luck reproduce it.

Thanks for the fix to the Custom Weather Map URL. It is working properly in 117.

No, I cannot reproduce the settings and IE 10 issue. Sorry. I’ll keep trying. I feel sure the problem was caused by WWL, but it appears to be a random happening.