WWL V7.1.112: Main Screen randomly opens

This is on Windows 8 x64 Professional.

On upgrading from build 110 to 112, WWL v7.1.112’s main window randomly opens. The first time it opens appears to be when WWL runs its first update after the program initial startup. It opens to the “Now” screen.

Same on my computer. Upgraded to 7.1.112 and now the main window randomly opens on “Now” page. If I close it or change to “Daily” tab it will re-open by itself regardless what I am doing on computer randomly. Didn’t have this problem before.

Checking “Start minimized” option doesn’t help.

Windows 7 Pro x64.

Try installing this build over top of your current version:

Any better?


Thanks for responding quick with new version.

Unfortunately, no change in behavior on my system. I’ve installed it on top of old build as you suggested, then opened the main window and selected “Hourly” tab which is my default screen. Then I restarted my system, nothing came up by itself but shortly I opened a Windows Explorer window WWL window popped up and was again on “Now” tab.

I think the last “stable” version that worked on my computer was 7.1.106, but then I upgraded to 7.1.1108 and then jumped on 7.1.110 that I remember I had to turn off “update in realtime” and switch to hourly updates as it was taking my cursor away in the middle of typing a email in Outlook. Then there were 2-3 updates in a course of 3 days.

I own a lifetime license for your great program after using old WW5.6.x version for many years :slight_smile:


Update 1: I think at least the new version x.113 is not opening randomly as x.112 did after it was closed once after computer restart/power on. So there is some progress.

1201am, here’s a new build to try:

Please let me know if any of the following occur with this build:

  • Cursor is stolen when working in other programs
  • Does not remember which section (Now, Hourly, Daily) you were last in
  • Or, the main window pops open at random times

And of course let me know if you see anything else odd.

WWL 1114 appears to have resolved the cursor grabbing issue. However, the main GUI still randomly pops open…normally within the first 5 minutes of the program starting up from a reboot or from a manual shutdown/restart of the program.

It still may be interacting oddly with the cursor. I had the main GUI open and clicked on the “Options” tab. When the Options window opened, the right click menu for MS Outlook’s icon in my notification tray also opened. The occurrence is not repeatable, however.

siliconman01, thank you for the update! Please give this build a try to see if it resolves the randomly opening main window:


Sorry, with B115 the main GUI popped open unrequested on the first update run of WWL.

And that is repeatable. If I manually shutdown WWL and then restart it, the opening will occur on the first update…every time.

siliconman01, please export your Weather Watcher Live registry settings and email them to me at Mike@SingersCreations.com. Here are the steps to export your registry settings:

1) Click the Windows Start button, choose “Run…”, and enter “regedit” in the run window.

2) Navigate to the following registry key in the left menu:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher Live

3) Right-click on the “Weather Watcher Live” key, choose “Export”, enter a file name, and click the “Save” button.

Registry settings emailed to you.

siliconman01, thank you for sending your settings. With those in place on my computer, I was able to reproduce this issue.

This build should fix it:

Build 116 does appear to have resolved the random opening of the GUI.

(Please see post concerning Custom Weather Map URL not saved/lost)

siliconman01, awesome!

1201am, please let me know how you make out too.


it looks like this problem was fixed and 7.1.117 works fine.