WWL V7.1.104: Alert Heading Truncation

This is on Windows 8 x64 Professional with WWL V7.1.104.

The Alert Message heading seems to be truncated to the first word of the original message. See pic.


Weather Watcher Live tries to just grab the alert type and display it in the alert banner. That makes the banner easier to read when more than one alert is available.

As you can see in your screenshot, the alerts sometimes do not begin with the alert type, so it doesn’t summarize it properly. I’ll no doubt have to fix these issues on a case by case basis because the alert text doesn’t seem to use a predictable standard.

If you see more alerts like this, please either post them here or email me a screenshot at Mike@SingersCreations.com.

This link will show you a list of severe weather names that you can check for in the alert titles.

http://registration.weather.com/common/ … ories.html