WWL V6.1.07 Old Flash Flood Alert not clearing from Main Win

Running Vista SP2 x64 Business with WWL V6.1.07.

Last Saturday a flash flood warning was issued. It was cleared on Sunday. The alert message on the main window did not go away. WWL is updating weather stats okay. Zip Code is 25177 with Yeager Airport as the station.

Did you try toggling to another location and back to see if the alert would clear?

Switched to Huntington and the alert went away. It came back when I switched back to Yeager Airport :-k

I have WeatherMan gadget in the Sidebar which tracks WWL closely. It is showing no alert.

WeatherBug says no alerts in Kanawha county.

Yep – something is definitely cached locally. Try the following Weather Watcher Live build:


V6.1.08 does not resolve the problem. On reboot, I get a Severe Weather alarm when WWL first updates. Says it is to expire on 27-Sept-09

Did you try to manually retrieve the weather with the new build?

Yes, and when manual update is done, the severe weather alarm is emitted.

I found one more issue. I think this build will take care of it:


Now that’s what I call “Customer Delight” support. V6.1.09 fixed it.

Thanks very much. =D>