WWL V4047A: A different Script Error

This script error occurs when attempting to view the map below via Map Manager. It does NOT occur on other maps in the Map Manager. This is on Windows 7 x64 Professional with fully updated IE9 Beta.

http://www.wsaz.com/imageViewer?animate … 500&title=


I’m using IE8, but below is a screenshot of that map in my Map Manager. The script error is coming from IE, not Weather Watcher Live. I’m assuming that website is not compatible with IE9.


It looks like a common problem:

I don’t get the script error when opening the website directly with IE9. It only occurs when using the WWL map manager. It’s no big deal. :wink: Maybe it will go away with the RC release of IE9 late this month.

I was unable to reproduce this issue on a Windows 7 machine that is running IE 9.0.7930.16406.

We have the same IE9 version number. It’s probably a setting in my IE9 that is generating the script error. I’ll do some playing around and see which setting is causing it.

Thanks for the comeback.