WWL stealing focus from active window (Win7)?

Although I’ve used Weather Watcher for many years (since the old WW, before WWL), I admit to knowing next to nothing about how it or any other computer program actually works. So I may be all wrong when I say it appears a WWL file is stealing the focus from the active window (usually Chrome or Word) in my Windows 7 64-bit PC.

I think WWL may be involved for two reasons. First, since I noticed the problem last week, I’ve been running two programs that log the foreground window. One of them identifies the culprit file as “wwradar.” (The other logger identifies it as “WindowsFormsParkingWindow”—no idea why the apparent discrepancy). Second, the problem goes away when I exit WWL.

Any assistance would be appreciated. TIA.

Which version of Weather Watcher are you using?

7.2.210. Thanks.

Do you still see that issue after upgrading to the current version of Weather Watcher here?

I installed the current version of WWL (don’t know how I missed it) and no longer see any trace of the focus problem. The loggers are clear of it as well. Thank you for the prompt and painless solution!