WWL for Windows 7 Professional

May anyone be able to explain for me why my WWL720213 does not work with my Windows 7 Professional? I added it to my “Start Menu,” but it fails to load/appear upon start-up as it once used to. In addition, despite having to right-click to have it open, it fails to show the “Current Temperature” (displays as “NA” on both the WWL screen as well as the lower right taskbar showing).

You’ll need to enable the following setting in the Weather Watcher Options window to auto start Weather Watcher when Windows starts:

Once Weather Watcher is running, you’ll see the temperature icon in your system tray. If you do not see the Weather Watcher icon in your system tray, then Windows is likely auto hiding the icon (a feature of Windows). If you’re not sure how to set a system tray icon to always be visible, then check out this article for instructions.

“N/A” in the system tray icon is usually a sign that the selected weather station is either temporarily or permanently down. If the weather station has a webpage, you can click the weather logo at the bottom, right corner in the “Now” section of the main Weather Watcher window. That’ll show you the current details being reported by the weather station at the source. You’ll also be able to see the last time the weather data was updated.

If you need help verifying whether or not the weather station is online, then post a screenshot showing the “Now” section of the main Weather Watcher window and I’ll take a look.