WWL 7 Desktop Gadget

I suggest that a desktop gadget option be incorporated in WWL 7 for Vista and Windows 7 users. In addition to WWL, I’ve always used the WeatherMan gadget at http://www.greycastle.com/gadgets2/weatherman/. The data has matched closely the info from WWL. However, with WWL 7’s incorporation of Weather Underground stations, WWL permits getting data from stations located right in my home town instead of 15-20 miles away. Thus, the gadget and WWL data often deviate significantly.

The use of a gadget is quite nice on multi-monitor systems with WWL in the taskbar of the main monitor and a weather gadget on secondary monitors.

  • Option to turn gadget on or off
  • WWL Gadget options similar to that of WeatherMan gadget, but using data directly from WWL 7. In other words, the gadget would not access the weather station or have any Internet access/activity.
  • Update the WWL gadget at the same time as WWL’s displays are updated.


:shock: A FREE weather app that uses TWC’s weather data!! [-X

I thought that wasn’t allowed and that was why WW got deleted from the 'net.


siliconman01, I have something in the works, but it’s nowhere close to being stable enough to use yet. I’ll post a screenshot later.

Ed_P, that gadget does not offer the same daily and hourly data that Weather Watcher offered. You’re comparing apples to T-bone steaks. Do you come on here and stir up trouble for kicks? If so, maybe you should just call it quits. Nobody appreciates your negative attitude.

I don’t disagree that Weather Watcher presented the data vastly better than WeatherMan but I think they both use the same TWC data source. And as such if you were to use the same free TWC licence agreement that WeatherMan uses then Weather Watcher wouldn’t have to be pulled from the 'net.

And I make no apology for my “attitude” since I don’t think it is negative, but I do apologize for taking siliconman01’s suggestion off topic.

That would involve removing something like 60% of the functionality from Weather Watcher. That doesn’t sound like progress to me.

siliconman01, here’s a screenshot of the magnet concept I started:


The magnet concept is most intriguing. Hopefully it permits specifying which monitor to magnetize to and will work with DisplayFusion’s wallpaper changing technology that permits automatic changing of individual monitor wallpaper every x minutes.


The magnet functionality currently in WWL7 only allows the use of maps for display.
Was the concept photo you took something you are still working on?

I’d prefer to see something like what you had displayed instead of a map.
Honestly, unless I expect a rain/snow storm, I never view maps. :shrug:


siliconman01, the concept works just like the existing desktop magnet feature. You can drag it and position it on any monitor.

jeromy, the concept is another type of desktop magnet. The idea is to be able to display current and/or forecast data for any weather station that has been added in the “Stations” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

Well, holler when you are ready to give it a “ride around block”. :wink:

When the wallpaper magnet feature was first implemented, I didn’t think I would use it. However, I fell in love with it particularly after I found a 3-D Doppler weather map from a local TV station that updates every 5-7 minutes…and the fact that the magnets can be moved and locked to my second monitor and hum right along with DisplayFusion’s automatic wallpaper changer on multiple monitors.

Now I’m really looking forward to the other magnets (Mike’s post above) that are being developed. :icon_smile:


Any progress on getting the new magnets (described above) implemented?