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WWL 7.45 Tray Icon no longer works

This applies to all my systems which are running Windows 10x64 Pro Version 20H2 (OS Build19042.867) and my test system running the latest Insider Build 21332. All have WWL v7.45 installed. My weather station is for 25177 and is SAINT ALBANS, WV (Near Lakewood Elementary School).

Since daylight savings time ended, WWL cannot display the temperature in the tray icon. The tray icon consistently shows NA. As shown in the attached pic, data appears to be downloaded but the tray icon continues to show NA. The weather map updates okay. I have tried switching weather stations but with no success. I completely uninstalled WWL and re-installed, but the problem persists.

That weather station last reported data at about 11:55 PM on March 2nd.

Right you are! I have been screwing up on how to add a new weather station (change to a different weather station) and making it active. My bad! Other weather stations in the 25177 zone work okay at the present time All is fine now

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You might want to take a close look at the process of adding/changing weather stations. Sometimes, the user has to close down WWL completely and restart WWL to get the new/changed weather station to become active.

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Feel free to share your steps to reproduce that issue and I’ll take a look.

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  1. Open WWL 7.45
  2. Select Options>Weather Stations>Add Station
  3. Enter zip code 25177 and select Search
  4. Select desired weather station and click on OK
  5. Click on Apply>Ok
    WWL should start Refresh. Sometimes the Refresh stops and the newly selected weather station is not activated. To get it activated it is necessary to close down WWL and restart it. This failure is random.
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I have a few questions for you:

1) About what percentage of the time are you able to reproduce that behavior?
2) After step #5, what do you see when the refresh sometimes stops?
3) After the refresh stops, what happens if you click the Refresh button in the main window?

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  1. It is totally unpredictable as to when it occurs. I cannot intentionally reproduce it. I would estimate that it occurs 20-25% of the time.
  2. I see the previous weather station results instead of the newly implemented weather station.
  3. Clicking the refresh button again results in the same failure. The only way I have found to correct the issue is to totally close down WWL and then restart it. That picks up the new weather station and all is okay.
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Are you referring to WWL7.2.245 when you post WWL v7.45?


I am having the same issue. My tray icon says NA. I tried reinstalling, changing weather stations, and changing from “feels like” temp to actual temp. But it does not change. The other parts of the app appear to be working correctly.

Please post a screenshot that shows both the “Now” section of the main Weather Watcher window and your system tray.

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My tray icon is now working, the problem was with 2 individual weather stations. I took a screenshot as instructed, but then because I live in a small town, I thought it would be better for privacy to change the weather station I use to a large city in my state. When I did so to retake the screenshot, the tray icon worked. Changing back to my original weather station (and then the secondary station I had tested before originally posting) the tray icon does not work with those 2 stations. I changed to a 3rd weather station in my town, and the tray icon works. So thank you! You just suggested I take a screenshot, but that helped me fix the issue.

In looking more closely at the weather station that works, and the 2 weather stations that don’t work with the tray icon, the 2 that don’t work both say updated “N/A” and N/A under everything in the “Currently” section on the NOW screen. I didn’t realize that at first, because I usually open to the hourly screen, and both the hourly and daily screens show appropriate updates and readings. So I’m guessing these 2 weather stations are active, but not continually active in a way needed for the tray icon. At any rate, I’m happy to have found the 3rd weather station that works with the tray icon.