WWL 7.2.267 Weather Station Search

Please watch the attached .MP4 video. As you can see, I’m doing a 25177 (St. Albans) search for weather stations. It starts out showing weather stations for Hurricane, WV, (upper left in video) then switches to St. Albans for a short period and then goes somewhere unknown. It does this on Windows 10x64 Pro and Windows 11 Pro… latest versions

Hmmm… Maybe the span of zip code 25177 is causing the search to bounce around.

When you open the search window, it auto searches for weather stations in the current location. If you move the map to a different location or enter a new search term (either starts a new search), the new search starts before the previous search completes. That’s why you’re seeing two sets of results load in back to back.

I’m aware of this issue and will resolve it in an upcoming release.

How does it determine the current location? My location is St. Albans, not Hurricane, which is what WWL seems to imply.

It’s based on your IP address. If that’s not accurate, then the location where the map first centers won’t be accurate either.

Sounds like a VPN will really throw WWL off course. Why not use the GPS readings?

What kind of GPS readings?

If I go to the above website, it asks me to allow the website to know my location. Once I “Allow”, the website displays my exact house location in St. Albans, WV and even gives my exact address.

Something like that could work. However, there would be several additional hoops to jump though – like computers that aren’t GPS enabled and would likely need to prompt for permission to use the location each time.

Maybe an option in Settings “Use GPS Location”

If that option is selected, then require the latitude and longitude to be manually entered under that Setting. ??

Yes, something like that would be more flexible – allowing more people to take advantage of that feature.

For the next release (as maybe a stepping stone to future enhancements?), I plan to make the following changes:

  • Don’t allow another search to be started until the current search completes
  • Add a setting to choose whether or not the search should auto start when the stations search window is opened