WWL 7.2.225 doesn't refresh automatically

For some time, now, WWL hasn’t been refreshing automatically. I have looked over the options and everything looks okay. I can manually refresh, and it refreshes when I change stations. Can you help?

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What do you have selected here?

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Every 30 minutes

Weather Watcher should be attempting to refresh the weather every 30 minutes with that setting in place.

Try enabling the Data Log feature in the Weather Watcher Options window:

That will log the current weather data to a file each time Weather Watcher retrieves the weather. In my example above, it’ll create a file at “C:\Users\mike\Desktop\WWLLog.txt”. You can of course set that file path to any location on your computer.

You can use this as a test to ensure Weather Watcher is trying to auto refresh the weather every 30 minutes and to also see exactly what was retrieved.

WWLLog.txt (10.0 KB)
I’ve attached the log file from my computer.
I increased the frequency of updating to every 10 minutes.
Even though the frequency of updating may be correct (~10 minutes) in the log file, the information in WWL does not change. The update time displayed in WWL does not change.
What do the last two times on each line mean?

I’m not sure what’s in your log template. Please copy and paste that value here.

2/19/2020,05:35:35 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),24.4,24.4,3.0,39,1,30.22,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,05:46:42 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),24.3,24.3,3.9,41,2,30.23,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,05:57:52 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),24.1,24.1,4.3,42,1,30.23,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,06:09:03 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),23.7,23.7,3.9,42,1,30.23,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,06:20:12 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),23.2,23.2,3.0,41,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,06:31:39 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),23.0,23,2.8,41,0,30.23,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,06:42:48 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),22.8,22.8,2.7,41,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,06:53:56 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),22.8,22.8,2.7,41,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,07:05:04 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),22.8,22.8,3.2,42,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,07:16:12 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),22.3,22.3,3.7,44,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,07:27:21 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),21.6,21.6,3.9,46,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,07:38:29 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),20.8,20.8,4.6,49,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,07:49:38 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),20.1,20.1,4.5,50,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,08:00:47 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),19.9,19.9,4.6,51,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,08:12:00 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),19.6,19.6,4.8,52,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,08:23:11 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),19.8,19.8,5.0,52,0,30.25,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,08:34:22 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),19.9,19.9,5.2,52,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,08:45:38 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),20.1,20.1,5.4,52,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,08:56:53 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),20.1,20.1,5.4,52,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,09:08:09 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),19.8,19.8,3.2,48,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,09:19:15 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),19.2,19.2,3.2,49,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,09:30:20 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),18.9,18.9,2.8,49,0,30.25,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,09:41:27 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),18.9,18.9,2.8,49,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,09:52:41 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),18.5,18.5,3.0,50,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,10:03:47 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),18.3,18.3,2.8,50,0,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00
2/19/2020,10:14:53 PM,Ithaca, NY (Ellis Hollow Center),19.0,11.9,-4.7,34,5,30.24,7:00:00,5:38:00

I’m having trouble sending my reply. I don’t see a way to do it.WWLLog.txt (12.5 KB)


The last two times are the sunrise and sunset.

From looking at that data, you can see the weather data is being downloaded per your set auto update interval and the data is being updated.