WWL 7.2.224 Slow or Not Updating

I have tried two different weather stations and either WWL won’t update or it takes two or three minutes.
Also the map in the now window on one weather station is blank. If I click on the blank WWL window, it launches me to
I have attached three screen shots showing this problem.
I am using Win 7 Home Premium.

Are you still experiencing this issue?

Here’s what I see at the moment:

You are using a different skin than I am. I don’t know if that makes any difference.
I just launched WWL and it is still slow loading, it does load though.

It still takes 2-3 minutes to refresh?

The skin shouldn’t matter as long as you’re using a skin that’s packed with the current Weather Watcher installer. Any difference if you switch to the Splendid4 skin?