WWL 7.2.201 Stealing Focus on System Startup

This applies to Windows 10x64 Pro Build 18362.239 v1903 and WWL 7.2.201.

On system startup, WWL is stealing focus when it performs the first update. As you can see from the attached pic, I have it set to display in italics initially and to delay 30 seconds. I also use Sticky Password (SP) which has a Master Password entry window that opens up on system startup and I have to manually enter the master password to make SP active. If I am typing in this master password at the time WWL performs its first update, WWL steals focus from the SP entry window.

V7.2.203 continues to steal focus as described.

That makes sense since I did not address this issue in 7.2.203.

Try installing 7.2.204.

V7.2.204 no longer steals focus on system startup. Thanks very much for fixing this. :grinning: