WWL 7.2.198 Map

This morning the map image is just a blue screen, the map outline is not showing? When set to satellite cloud image shows but no map outline.

I am having the same issue.
Attached is a screen shot showing issue.
I am using Windows 7,64 Bit.

I notice also when doing a manual refresh the progress bar stalls at 50% and takes a good minute to finish, but does not refresh the radar image?

Same for me with stalling at 50%, then will resume in a short while. Also when I update WWL the map does not update properly.

It will update the satellite image but the map underneath is not there! Same as your screen shot. I cant use radar in NZ it only shows a blue image.

Mike you need to address these issues.
When I launch WWL it takes way to long to load/update. Lately around a minute. Also as you can see from my screen shots above, there is a problem with the map window loading.
My flash is up to date by the way.

This issue should be resolved in version 7.2.199. You can either download it from my homepage here or auto install it by choosing “Check for New Version” from the Weather Watcher system tray menu.

Cheers Mike that fix has the map showing but setting to satellite does nothing?

Reinstall 7.2.199 using this link.

Perfect, thanks Mike!

I’m apparently missing the obvious. Assuming what you’re showing in the screenshot where you were trying to set the map type is the new “Map Type” skin setting to toggle the “Now” map between a radar and satellite map feature, just where is that toggle? I’m not seeing it in .200.

You can find that setting in the Splendid4 skin settings here:

If you’re not using Splendid4, then temporarily switch to Splendid4, change the “Map Type” setting, and then switch back to the skin you’d like to use.

Got it, thanks. What I was missing was “Settings” at the very bottom of the screen. I might have seen it but would have assumed that it was just Options–though I should have known better because something explicitly called “Options” is available at the top of the screen.

BTW, to answer an earlier question, clicking “Refresh” once changing the map causes it to change to what was set. Or, I think, you can just wait for it to happen on the next interval.