WWL 7.2.197

Love the new map layout, is it possible to alter to satellite view at some stage? Will the map show current weather such as cloud etc? It is clear here today no cloud cover.

The map currently only shows radar activity.

Unfortunately radar does not work outside of the US, meaning the map will not work?

Also noted I use an icons wunderground webcam image as well on another station, since the upgrade the picture has zoomed in and cannot be changed, picture is also grainy and not sharp.

The radar is available is some locations outside of the US. It’s not available in NZ though.

In version 7.2.198, I added a new “Map Type” skin setting to toggle the “Now” map between a radar and satellite map. This setting is only available in the Splendid4 skin.

Please post a link to that webcam image here so I can try it.

Perfect that works fine using satellite! Sending you the URL link just sends you the image?

No problem. I got the link.

The image you can see is how it used to look before the upgrade since then it zooms in to the point where most of the image is not visible.